5 Best Waterproof Outdoor Storage Boxes to Buy in 2021

Summer is fast approaching, so you can again enjoy all the perks that come with sunny days. You might wonder how you can do it if there is still an ongoing health crisis that prohibits large gatherings and traveling from one place to another. If you are not yet aware, your outdoor space can safely host all kinds of gatherings and entertainment activities amidst the pandemic. It pays to keep it neat and organized so that it can look more vibrant, inviting, and comfortable to stay in.

When it comes to organizing your gardening supplies, bbq tools, and unused items, outdoor storage is necessary. It can increase the functionality and style of any patio or deck. Check out the list of outdoor storage below and buy them as soon as possible while they are still in stock.

5 Best Waterproof Outdoor Storage Boxes To Buy In 2021

Did you ever experience urgently running outside because you want to keep your outdoor storage items safe from heavy rain and extreme temperature? If so, you probably don’t want that to happen again because it is a major source of your stress. To solve this problem, you must equip your patio with waterproof outdoor storage boxes to keep your things safe and organized. It is a good hiding spot for your outdoor essentials since it is superior in terms of quality, meaning it can withstand unfavorable weather conditions.

Home Park Outdoor Storage

If you want a simple yet fashionable-looking outdoor storage, then get one from HOME PARK. It is weather-resistant so it will not rust and decay even if you expose it to direct sunlight for a long time. It is highly durable because of its high-density polyethylene resin materials. This storage comes in 3 contemporary colors, namely gray, beige, and black. Its dimension of 50 x 29 x 41 inches is perfect for the storage of garden tools, barbecue grills, seat cushions, toys, and firewood. When assembling the item, you can finish it within an hour as long as you have simple tools such as a screwdriver.

Panorama 2 Pieces Ottoman Outdoor Storage

These 2 pieces of ottoman outdoor storage come with 220g polyester covers and over 3-inch cushion providing not just additional storage space but also relaxing patio seating. It has an elastic hoop and plastic button preventing it from moving. You can also use the adjustable levelers to adjust their height depending on your needs. The manufacturer constructed them using a strong-powder-coated steel frame making them durable yet lightweight. It is resistant to weather and UV because of its resin materials. This product has a dimension of 15 x 15 x 17 inches perfect for any outdoor living space.

Keter Resin Outdoor Storage

Are you planning to create your own outdoor storage but you can’t seem to find the time and resources to do so? The next best alternative is to purchase this Keter resin outdoor storage as it allows you to customize some of its elements to better suit the style of your patio. You can paint the wall with a new color, drill it, or cut it according to your preference. The manufacturer guarantees you that it will never fade, rust, peel, nor rot made possible by its weather-resistant resin material. You will also love its appealing wood-like structure perfect for Japanese-styled patios. You can use it to store all your push mower, yard tools, outdoor toys, and outdoor cushions. Since they are valuable items, you may use standard potlucks to ensure that no one can steal them. It has an exterior dimension of 51.9 x 30.3 x 47.2 inches with a storage capacity of 35 cubic feet.

Barton Outdoor Storage

This outdoor storage from Barton store is only available in gray and is a perfect addition if you want to achieve a simple yet elegant outdoor space. It has a dimension of 27 x 56 x 37.75 inches that provides enough space for all your patio supplies. It is so compact that it can easily fit in any place regardless of size. This outdoor storage can stand the test of time because of its durable dual wall and high-density wall panels with a steel wall. It features a lockable door designed to ensure the safety of your belongings outside of your house.

White Patio Wicker Storage Box

This white patio wicker storage box from 20 Gallon Deck Box has durable materials that can survive unfavorable weather conditions. It also doubles as a comfortable chair on your patio. It is a favorite of homeowners because it is very easy to assemble. You can set it up within 5 mins as long as you have the proper tools. You can use it to store and organize hose pipes, trowels, shears, and other outdoor items.

What To Consider When Buying Outdoor Storage?


Buying outdoor storage will entail additional costs. You will have to allocate a portion of your salary for this furniture just to make your patio tidy and visually appealing. Knowing this, you must choose the right one to prevent you from purchasing again in the future. The primary consideration before making a purchase decision is the size of the outdoor storage. Would it fit in the available space on your patio or is it too big for your needs? To determine the right dimension, you have to accurately measure the free space.


You can’t possibly have brand new outdoor storage if you don’t have the money to pay for them. To avoid purchasing a product that can break the bank, you have to set a budget and work within that range. You should not get the one with a very expensive price tag to the point that it will prevent you from performing your other financial obligations.


You are probably going to store all your valuable items in the storage box. For sure, you want to have access to them for a long period. To ensure that no one can steal them, you have to purchase those with some form of security system or those that give you the freedom to install doors and locks.


Waterproof outdoor storage is worth your money since it can last for a long time compared to ordinary boxes. When shopping for one, make sure to consider the size, budget, and security to avoid feelings of regret after purchasing. If you want more outdoor organization ideas, make sure to visit Storables.com!

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