Gun Storage Ideas to Keep Your Firearms & Family Safe

Gun control laws had been the main focus of several debates among politicians and those who aspire to hold a position in the government. People’s opinion is often divided when this issue is brought up.

Issues such as whether or not to allow high-powered firearms in the hands of civilians are a highly controversial and debatable topic. It requires further evaluation and often, continuous modifications to the existing parameters in obtaining deadly weapons that can inflict devastating or even fatal injury to civilians. It is a continuous learning process—after all, crimes involving high-caliber firearms continue to occur in different communities.

Regardless of the policies, however, it’s your primary responsibility as a gun owner to safeguard your firearms and keep them away from unauthorized use to protect your family.

The Importance of Proper Gun Storage

Criminals often carry high-powered caliber guns when perpetuating their evil deeds and committing crimes against helpless civilians. They hardly hesitate to use them against their victims, even to the extent that they are not intimidated by the police as they are equally armed to the teeth.

With that being often the case, the necessity to bear arms to defend our homes and protect our family against these hooligans are somehow justified. This much is true when the police may not always be there to protect you at the time when you need them most. This is where gun storage ideas also come helpful, particularly when we live with kids who could easily mistake these weapons as mere toys. Here are some suggestions on how to safely store a gun inside the house:

  • Store in a dry, cool place, preferably at room temperature.
  • Keep the gun clean and free from dirt.
  • Always be aware of whether the gun’s chamber is loaded or empty.
  • Store the gun safely in a place where you can easily access it, but will not be accessible to children.
  • Acquire several magazines and fill with ammunition only up to its 75% capacity. When filled to its maximum capacity and stored for a long time, a magazine-fed gun will eventually lose its tension designed to effectively feed ammunition to the chamber.

If you don’t live with any kids at home, you have the option to purchase concealment furniture. These are attractive furnishings that look like innocent, regular-looking coffee tables, bookshelves, headboards, etc. but with hidden compartments to store your gun and ammunition. You can place them in strategic locations inside your home without the risks of them being easily found by an unauthorized person.

Additionally, you can also invest in a gun cabinet with locks and other safety features designed to accommodate the type of weapon/s you have. Modern gun cabinets are widely available in the market, varying in styles, designs, and safety features to meet different storage requirements.

5 Best Gun Storage Solutions

Cabinets with locks and a durable body design that resists damage would be a great consideration. The key here is to keep the gun secured at all times but easily accessible in case a situation that requires immediate response arises. Below are some cabinets that fit these qualifications.

Sentry Safe Pistol Safe

While compact, this gun cabinet is designed to offer good protection to your gun. But, don’t be fooled by its compactness, because what it lacks in space, it makes up for in quality, reliability, and security. It offers fingerprint technology, which makes it a favorite among gun owners. It stores up to four unique fingerprints and also has a keypad and key backups.

BARSKA Biometric Safe

This gun storage is a California-made, budget-friendly option that also features a biometric system to gain access to your firearms. It can conveniently store up to four rifles or five handguns and comes equipped with three deadbolts and a hidden backup key for emergencies. It is a rather large biometric safe cabinet, so you might want to ensure that there’s a place for it in your home.

Scout 14 Long Gun Safe

It’s evident in this product that the manufacturer puts great emphasis on the durability, security, and reliability of the gun safe. Its slim profile doesn’t look like it can store as much as 14 long guns, but it does! It has various theft protection and child-proof features guaranteeing exclusive access to the guns stored inside.

VAULTED VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

This biometric handgun safe is favored for its noiseless operation. For additional security, it has a dual-lock system that requires you to scan your fingerprint and enter a 5-digit code. However, the highlight of this safe is that its interior is equipped with LED lights that allow you to access and manage your gun storage without other light sources. It is also Bluetooth-ready, allowing you to control it via its app. It can store two handguns and allows 20 unique fingerprints. It also has key and keypad backups for emergencies.

Stack on SS 10 MG C 10 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe

This security safe is regarded as the best budget purchase. It has a removable shelf that you can adjust based on your needs. It is made with steel and can store a maximum of 10 long guns. Keep in mind, however, that its combination lock access may not be ideal if you require emergency access to your weapon.


One cannot stress enough the fact that keeping a gun at home requires constant vigilance, particularly when you have children living with you. When accessed by kids, they could pose a serious threat to themselves and the rest of the family.

It explains why your responsibility as a gun owner is not limited to protecting your family and property from lawless elements but preventing accidents within the household due to mishandling of firearms as well. Recklessness and careless behavior have no place in a home with firearms and children.

What are your thoughts about proper gun storage at home? If you have any other tips to add to the list, let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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