As soon as you wake up in the morning and undertake a Google search for the website only to find out that all of the website’s rankings have drained down!!! During most such cases, business owners blame themselves, however half of the times, it is not possible for anyone else to make way for the situations happening on the website as it loses on for such organic traffic. As and when the rankings of the websites tend to go down, make sure to make a mark by looking for the best possible causes and solutions for the same. In these situations, the website owner starts panicking but it does not mean there isn’t any solution for it. There can be many reasons for the website being in problem, like the website being penalized by Google, issues with the website that leads to a drop of ranking. Scroll below to find out the reasons for the ranking drops of your website. Blue Collar or Algorithmic Sanction There can be different criteria for it as well, first of all, let's find out the reason for: Google sanctioning This is one of the biggest drains in the rankings of the search engine, which can happen anytime over time. If one observes that the website is draining more than twenty positions on the number of keywords, this is an indication of penalty. One of the greatest differences between the two types of penalties is that the algorithmic is the automatic one, which is released with numerous Google updates and at the same time manual penalties are the ones that are done by hand by a Google employee itself. Provided the fact that Google has habits of making different changes without announcements is a known factor, and the business owners need to consistently check the same every now and then. If one of the Google changes is grinding and smooth, it should be clear that the website is consistent with rank on different search engines. Identification and restoration from Google Sanction For checking the problem, one needs to open the Google Webmaster Tools account, which is a place where one can get notifications from Google concerning the manual actions that have been undertaken against the website. First things first, check out the presence of notifications in the menu of site messages, as there the person will be cautious about the issues detected by the GoogleBot. Make sure to check the section of manual action from Google webmaster tools as it is the only place where one can find about the Google sanctions that are applied on the website. The website owners should be strong enough to accept the decisions calmly and move on with the proceeding for solving the issues. Identification about what actually did harm the website is the main task. In case, it is on-page then consider the content and links, if it on off-page then pick out and remove the unnatural links. If you want to recover from the hand made sanctions, then there must be a submission of a reconsideration request. Prevention Preventions are necessary. Being consistent on tracking the links and the risks involved for being sanctioned with the special tools that can give a red flag to the owners, if there is something that is happening on the link profile. Overshadows from competitors The Diagnosis This is regarded as another small drop in the ranking, where one can see the competitor's website outranking the website of the other business owner. The websites outranking the business website will be most probably in the same position as before. Identification of the issue One should consistently monitor and analyze the website of competitors and the social profiles for understanding what exactly is being done. The prevention For being prevented from getting outranked by the competitors it is important to track the major competitors and know their strategies and modules for linking building, which can be ultimately helpful in the prediction of their next problems. Keep a constant check on the content relations and method of mink building of the competitor website. Check out the right reasons for their growth, understand and adapt the strategies in accordance. One should try diversification and creativity in the content marketing modules if there is a need for differentiation from competitors. Relegation with On-page issues Check out for the surety To be sure that the relegation is about the on-page issues one needs to see if the drain is a big one or there are no chances for the website to have growing rankings. This can be a sign of worry when the rankings are day by day falling under the other websites even if there is a serious concern for the creation of content and building links. Identification and Solution Check the website in GWT and know if there are issues from the same. In case, there is involvement of broken links or poor internal linking, then make sure to use the features of HTML improvisation features that can figure out all the problems with the tags. All the problems can be easily figured out from the Google webmaster tools. Prevention For preventing issues from on-page it is better to evaluate the website is GWT and keep the notifications for it on. With this, there can be chances that the website owners will not suffer anymore with rank drains. Losing Links The face of degradation It can be a big drain or a small one. One can see a huge rise in the link velocity, as and when the inbound links vanish from the profile of the website owner. Identification and Solution Take a check out of the links that are lost in 90 days, if there are a lot of lost links it can be an indication of dropped ranking. Check the links one by one, as they might have been removed by purpose by the masters or can be a red flag for Google SEO services India. Prevention Keep tracking of the lost links that are active with the special software. With the undertakings of such things, one can be aware of the issues and there can be analyzation of link velocity for figuring out the simple things in accordance. Algorithm Update by Google The update by Google is a big one or a little one. There may be a little problem or a great problem with respect to the update, as per the rankings are being drained. Identification Make sure to take a look at the search engine optimization news in relation to the possible updates being carried out in the given time. After the same, put up the searched things on the website and figure out what is altered and how is the website in violation of the guidelines of Google. Prevention Turn organic as much as you can while establishing a brand. Concentrate on the product, the community and the technical problems present on the website
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