10 Examples of Internet of Things in Healthcare

The involvement of technology in the Healthcare industry has definitely made us more capable than we were ever before. There is no doubt we have achieved significant milestones in healthcare by making technology a part of it.

One of the most remarkable technological advancements is the usage of the internet of Things (IoT). Now, the medical devices have features to get connected over the internet using which it is easy to get relevant data of individual and medical field.

The remote care facility is just a boon to the Healthcare industry to save lives at the time of emergence. IoT is for sure is helping those patients to have more control over their treatments and lives.

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Here are ten examples of IoT how it is helping and shaping the Healthcare Industry.

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1. CGM and Insulin pens

Diabetes is the disease that has been spreading its wings of fear across the world, due to which many technological inventions are coming into the picture. To monitor the blood glucose level, a diabetic can use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for several days at proper intervals.

An Insulin pen is another device which has become the guardian of all those diabetes patients and is helping them by recording the time, type and amount of insulin. With proper data, it can recommend the correct type of insulin at the right time. It also comes with a smartphone app that helps to record the insulin dose, blood sugar level.

2. Cancer treatment

Cancer is of many types and most of them need special care and attention. So, to lessen the burden of treatment, and to handle the emerging symptoms or changes, nothing can be more efficient than technology. A cancer patient can use a smart monitoring system, called CYCORE, and can keep in touch directly with the medical professionals and effectively monitor and control the symptoms and treatment.

3. Connected inhalers

Asthma, like diabetes, is affecting millions of people across the world and is quite widespread.  But we should be thankful of technology due to which we have connected inhalers that can control the symptoms and treatment quite effectively. It comes with a Bluetooth spirometer that connects with your phone and helps you understand the cause of your Asthma and COPD.

4. Closed-loop insulin delivery

One of the interesting areas of IoT is Open Artificial Pancreas System (OpenAPS). It is a closed loop insulin delivery system that not only gauges the glucose level in your blood, but it delivers insulin if needed.

5. Ingestible sensor

It is one of the fascinating inventions which helps you take your medication properly. According to a study, it is reported that about 50% people don’t take medicine as directed. So, to reduce this figure, Proteus’ system has created a pill that dissolves in your stomach and produces a signal well enough to get caught by the sensor which transfers it to a smartphone and let you know whether you took the medication properly.

6. App for depression monitor

With the help of the wearable kit, now you can monitor your cognitive health. Patient with MDD can now monitor and control the depression using your Apple Watch app.

7. Connected Contact lenses

Smart connected contact lenses are the astounding application of IoT. Using these contact lenses, you can know the blood glucose level and get an early warning to take necessary medication.

8. ADAMM Asthma monitor

It is a wearable device to monitor your Asthma symptoms before you get an attack. You get a vibration as warning for upcoming asthma attack. Apart from it, it has inhaler detection option.

9. Parkinson’s Disease monitor

Apple has come up with a research kit to monitor the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The app collects physical diagnostic tests and provides the medical professionals a broader infographic to predict the future fluctuation.

10. Coagulation testing

A Bluetooth enabled device is now helping patients to keep an eye on their blood clots. This is the first time; this facility has been introduced for anticoagulated patients.

If you are looking for medical supplies or medical equipment for these smart gadgets, then you can get them in any pharmacies or in any online retail store.

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