5 Best Online Tools to Create a Logo in Minutes

5 Best Online Tools To Create A Logo In Minutes - Tech Strange

A unique, personalized, excellent logo could help you establish branding, identify and distinguish you from the mass. So it’s necessary to create a logo for your company or website. Here a logo maker lists available for you to complete this task. These logo generators are web-based so you could access them just browsing their websites.

Why is your logo so important?

A logo is the face of your business. It is more than an image, but a graphic display of what your brand stands for. Many new bloggers and startups need a logo but have no idea where to start. Also, budget is limit to hire a professional designer to work for them.

Following will show you five best logo makers that would quite helpful when you need to design a logo quickly.

  1. DesignEvo

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DesignEvo is an excellent logo maker that provides 9,000+ well-designed logo templates, more than one million icons, a wide range of fonts and vector shapes.

Starting from scratch, you can easily create the logo by following just three steps:

  1. Choose an icon and edit it with changing the size, rotating, setting color, etc.
  2. Add text and customize the font color, size, style to make the logo work for you.
  3. Preview the logo in different scenarios and instantly download high-quality PNG and JPG files that you can use for your website, business card, social media, header, t-shirt, etc.


  1. Canva

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Canva, a graphic design tool for social networks, is also a useful tool for creating logos. By adding many elements and styles, text and backgrounds, icons and frames, you can quickly transform your brand identity into visual art.

With these steps, you can create a professional logo effortless:

Register your Canva account to get started.

Choose from a massive library of designed templates.

Add your own graphics or choose some free elements in Canva.

Edit the text and make some adjustment.

Save and share.


  1. Logaster

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Logaster is one of the most popular logo generators to create attractive logos with many well-prepared templates, as well as a simple web service with an intuitive interface that will make the logo designing super easy for users.

To create a professional logo in Logaster, first, go to its website and then click on “Create a logo.”  After typing your company name, the application would generate many different logos for you to pick. In the next step, you can change the logo to your liking and save the logo that will surely leave you satisfied.

The only thing that would be annoying you is to download the logo with a high-resolution and without the watermark on this program and to pay a small fee.


  1. Supalogo

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The fourth robust logo making tool in this list is Supalogo, which is more straightforward, allowing the creation of logo only text, but it allows to choose between a vast number of sources and the logos are brilliant.

This free logo creation tool is Supalogo. Access the website, enter the text you have chosen for the logo, then adjust it with other customizations, including font choice, text size, border thickness, color, and transparency. Finally, download the logo in PNG.


  1. CoolText

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CoolText is a fabulous text logo maker to create logos with many effects and variations. On the first step, you select the logo template you prefer and then customize with your own style; if you want, you can change the color, size, shadow, and many other effects. This logo and graphics generator platform is well-suited everyone, even for beginners. Besides, it is free and no registration is required.


For those who need to create a logo, these five logo creation tools provide an easy way to create stunning and recognizable logos that showcase your brand. Hope the logo makers mentioned above would help you create logos of your choice that make you stand out from the others.

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