6 Actionable Tips To Produce Best E-Learning Videos

6 Actionable Tips To Produce Best E-Learning Videos - Tech Strange

Learning is an interactive activity that needs you to connect quickly with the learners and keep them engaged throughout the entire session. That is why video learning sessions are getting high popularity these days. So if you really want to produce excellent and appealing educational content then it would be best to present it in the form of video learning sessions. Quality plays a vital role here. For producing high-quality videos you should be prepared to invest a good amount of time and smart efforts. However, it is not only the volume but the value that really matters. Here are a few tips to add value to your video learning sessions:

Storify the video content

Right from the childhood days we absolutely love the stories. So, one of the best ways to connect quickly with your audience is to storify your content. The stories have a magical quality of coloring even the dullest content.

When you present your subject in the form of a story the listeners are able to align the stories with their real-life situation and visualize them as the main character. It helps in keeping them engaged until the end and thus enriches their overall experience. One of the best ways of storifying the subject matter is to use engaging illustrations, real-life case studies, success stories, analogies, and motivational historical incidents that are relevant to your subject.

Lengthy does not necessarily mean high-quality (but the opposite of it)

Many producers have a notion that length directly impacts the quality of their video. They are absolutely right up to this point but then they start walking into the wrong direction by assuming that long means better. The reality, however, is that long videos repel the audience instead of attracting them.

Long videos give you an excuse to load it with unnecessary details and more topics that ends up boring the audience instead of adding any value. Including many topics in a single video distract the visitors. The same is true in the case of including many aspects of a single topic in one video.

The best approach is to recognize the key details that precisely address the key issues of your audience. Presenting those key topics in clear, concise and digestible video content can help you reduce the videos that will quickly connect with your audience.

High-Quality graphics are important

A picture is better than a thousand words. The graphics quickly appeal to our brain and trigger memories or feelings. So the quality of graphics plays a vital role in creating deep engagement.

The audience doesn’t connect with the dull or substandard images while the irrelevant images can easily distract their mind. Ensure to strategically employ relevant, high-quality images that should be retina-friendly and have a soothing effect on the mind.

By wisely deciding on the images you can create the right atmosphere for learners, keep them motivated and engaged during the course and leave the right impact on them. If you lack the artistic skills or are hard pressed for time then it would be wise to visit the reputed online platforms for searching the relevant high-quality images that align best with your subject matter.

Poor sound quality is a perfect recipe to failure

Poor sound quality is another factor that fails to connect the audience and in most cases compel them to hit the close button.

Even the best visual effects and excellent presentation skills fail to rescue the videos that have poor sound quality. Understandably, if you are “telling” something and your voice is not audible then the entire exercise turns out to be futile.

The best thing is that buying a high-quality microphone is not as expensive as purchasing the premium video camera. In fact, with the rising competition, their prices have even come down significantly that has made them more affordable. Along with checking the sound quality of the microphone, you should also invest good attention in ensuring that it offers maximum options to determine and edit the sound quality. Also, learn the best ways to configure the settings for achieving the desired impact.

Create the right ambiance with relevant background music

Relevant music can not only enhance the appeal of your learning videos but also offer soothing ambiance for the audience.

A light and relevant and soothing musical track in the background keeps the audience hooked and also adds a lighter touch to your subject. It offers elements of entertainment for the ears and would certainly appeal to the audience.

Just like the images you need t to be very selective while picking the right music. For instance, including a lively yet soothing music track in a video about how to overcome stress can instantly have a subtle soothing impact on the mind of the audience and keep them engaged for long.

While there are a number of music tracks available on the internet you need to respect the copyright laws that are ethical as well as a legal requirement. The best way is to find the creative commons background music and ensure that they can be used for commercial purpose. Also, make sure whether it is explicitly directed to accredit the author while using them.

Look relaxed and relieved throughout the presentation

You need to feel comfortable and enjoy the entire presentation session and if you are uneasy during the presentations or feel a bit nervous then it would be reflected in the presentations and act as a negative factor.

That s why it is best to first analyze your personality and single out the factors that help you stand out as a person- be it your humor, your body language, the tone or eye contact. Ensure that your script perfectly compliments with your USP as it will help you produce enriching videos that will establish your personal brand.


Producing high-quality video learning sessions enrich the experience of your audience and help you gain good traction in the industry. Quality of your video has a direct effect on the rewards. So, if you expect good rewards from your video learning session then you should prepare premium quality professional video sessions. In this blog, we have presented several tips to produce high-quality videos for your targeted audience. By strategically implementing the most relevant tips you can also produce rewarding video learning sessions for online learners.

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