5 Best Bike Taxi Services in India

Keeping up with the ever-growing need to reach places on time, even when your own vehicle is not available, the amazing bike and taxi businesses are thriving. With an expanded need to decongest our streets, and public vehicles actually being recognized and used, such bike and taxi services are helping people with adjusting to more feasible techniques for transportation. Especially in the urban cities, taxi or bike-sharing services give decent choices to let loose blocked streets and traffic jams.

A lot of startups have gained popularity over the past few years, and they’re also giving out offers and coupons to attract more users which is a classic entrepreneurial move! For example, Rapido is currently offering a flat 50% off on rides to all its customers using Rapido Coupons.

It’s good to have knowledge about the best service providers when it comes to transportation, So if you’re looking to know more about bike and taxi services in India, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the top 5 transport service providers used in India-

  • Uber

Uber is undoubtedly the most popular service provider when it comes to transportation. Uber provides its customers with cabs, taxis, bikes, etc. for easy commuting. The Uber app allows customers to book these services with just one click! You can also talk to the driver directly via an in-app call or text message to communicate the destinations easily. Uber gives out an affordable option for transportation and a safe ride to all its customers. It is also amongst the most rapidly growing startups in urban cities.

  • Rapido

Starting in 2015, Rapido is one of the fastest-growing bike riding startups in India. It was established by Aravind Sanka, Pavan G, and Rishikesh SR, and now has more than 4,000 bikes in Bangalore and more than a thousand in Gurugram. Starting as a Bangalore adventure, Rapido has altogether developed its course of services and been of use in numerous urban areas including Gurgaon, Patna, and Hyderabad, to give some examples. Rapido riders can be seen in a yellow head helmet, which distinguishes them from the normal bikers. In 2016, the Rapido app had more than 50,000 downloads and has now finished a total of about 1,25,000 rides. Rapido also guarantees that ordinary rides run hazard-free for workers. The organization asserts that 85% of its rides are from rehash clients with 10% of them being ladies. Rapido can also be used for transportation of packages, along with day to day commute of people!

  • Ola

Just  Like Uber, Ola taxi services added bike taxis as a choice with their well-known cab providing services. This new section of availing bike taxis to its customers additionally began with the ola app. In 2016, Ola began the bike taxi service from Chandigarh and it acquired its reach in different urban areas like Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Kota, Gurgaon. Ola is undoubtedly among the top apps used for commute purposes, so the huge and well-satisfied customer base helped the organization’s new addition of bike taxis grow popular sooner rather than later.

With Ola Bikes, the company has come a bit nearer to its vision of carrying consistent portability to a billion Indian lives. Thus, not any more sitting tight for time or traffic. You can simply book an Ola Bike and get rolling, hassle-free. Another added advantage of using ola bikes is the fact that you can Book your initial two Ola Bike rides at just Rs 5/km. The offers ola gives out to its customers ensure an affordable commute! An ola cab or bike can be booked via the app on android and ios devices, along with the website.

  • Bikxie

Established by Mohit Sharma, Dennis Ching, and Divya Kalia, in January 2016, Bikxie is a tech-empowered authorized Bike taxi company for Indian users. Bikxie’s app has surpassed a total of more than 10,000 downloads, with key elements like getting to know about the per sq. Km charges, tracking of the bicycle by using in-app tracking, etc. the Bikxie bike taxi service was initially presented in Gurgaon and it gradually spread to the last mile network in the city. The best part about bike bikes is that The assistance provided to the customers is profoundly reasonable and it is accessible in the critical areas (where transportation isn’t readily available ) across the city. Bikxie was among the new businesses in the nation to start the bike taxi benefits next to other apps like Rapido. Bikxie currently provides last-mile transport of people and commodities in about 20 urban communities all over India. Bikxie Pink for ladies which has ladies drivers and Bikxie Blue is operated by male drivers for men, which is practically a very good and safe concept to be introduced!

  • Baxi

Baxi was also among the initially new companies to offer bike taxi services in Our country. Baxi was the first organization in Quite a while to get legitimate authorizations to actually run a bike taxi service in India. However the startup was initially Gurgaon based and had dispatched as a bike taxi administration, it extended its tasks to offer hyperlocal conveyance too. To avail of services from Baxi, you simply need to download the app and book a ride on the app. a rider goes to the get area and drops you off at the mentioned destination. Just like the other apps mentioned above, baxi’s user interface is pretty easy to understand, which makes it a good option when it comes to booking a ride online.


Getting an affordable commute is easier than ever now that all such platforms and service providers offer discounts and different benefits. The idea of booking cabs and bike taxis online removes the actual work of going on the road to get you a transport option for your travel! Along with the ease, getting more affordable rates for your ride is one of the added advantages of using such apps and service providers. So why go through the hassle of listening to a lot of ‘NOs’ from drivers on the road when you can simply book a ride online with just one click!

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