The Best SD Card Recovery Software for Photos in 2024

If you tend to store data on a computer for personal or commercial purposes, you’ll be familiar with the feeling of losing important data.SD cards are used to store multiple data types, including images, documents, images, videos, etc.

Unfortunately, you may lose important data due to negligence or a sudden button press. No one in their wildest dreams would like to lose the data. However, if data loss has occurred for various reasons, you can use the free SD card recovery software to retrieve the lost data.

Tune into this post to explore the 5 high-profile tools to retrieve the lost data.

Part 1: AnyRecover SD Card Recovery Software

AnyRecover emerges as the best SD card memory card data recovery software, helping you recover all types of data. Regardless of which reasons have prompted the data loss on the computer, AnyRecover won’t take long before scanning the data and restoring it to the computer.


  • Lets you recover the data in three steps
  • Prompts the simple user interface
  • Comes up with AI file repair and photo restoration features
  • Lets you to recover 1000+ file types, including office documents, videos, PDFs, images, etc
  • AnyRecover is widely useful for different SD card brands and types.
  • Explore the fast scanning speed


  • It could take extra time to scan for large files.

User Rate: 4.8/5

Here’s the step-by-step guide to using the AnyRecover to retrieve the lost data.

Step 1:

Visit the official webpage of AnyRecover on the computer and install the software on the computer. When you start AnyRecover on the PC, you’ll need to visit the folder or location where you lost the data before beginning the scanning process.

Step 2:

Click on the Scan button to begin scanning for the lost data, and this process only takes a few moments before getting the data scanned.

Step 3:

Preview the data, and upon selecting the data you wish to get back, press the Recover icon to retrieve the lost data. AnyRecover empowers you to recover lost data in a few moments, provided you have a fast internet connection.

AnyRecover empowers you to recover the lost data in a few moments, provided you’ve got a fast internet connection.

Part 2: PhotoRec Photo Recovery

Whether you’re looking to recover lost data from a Mac or Windows computer, PhotoRec Photo Recovery is there to help. With the intuitive user interface and top-notch deep scanning method, this SS card data recovery free download doesn’t shy away from getting back the lost data quickly.

Only navigating to the location you’ve lost data from will be enough to initiate the scanning process.


  • Open-source and free
  • Allows you to retrieve a variety of file types including videos, photos, documents, and more
  • Enables you to perform a deep scan to recover the lost data


  • Poor customer service
  • Data safety could be compromised

User rate: 4.5/5

Part 3: Stellar Photo Recovery

Exploring the multiple options blindly doesn’t serve your purpose when it comes to recovering lost data, but Stellar Photo Recovery clearly has other ideas. With the intuitive user interface, this free SD card recovery software empowers you to scan for lost data quickly, and it doesn’t miss out on important data while performing the deep or basic scan of the data.


  • Lets you recover multiple types of data
  • It doesn’t affect the quality of data
  • Prompts the simple user interface
  • Enables you to preview the data before getting it back


  • Could cause data quality loss
  • Difficult for newcomers

User Rate: 4.7/5

Part 4: Recuva Recovery Software

Another appropriate and reliable SD memory card data recovery software you can go for is Recuva Recovery Software. Avast owns this amazing data recovery tool, and it helps you to recover multiple data types on Windows systems.


  • Comes up with several file recovery options
  • Allows you to select the data you want to recover
  • Totally Free


  • It could take extra time to scan and recover the lost data.
  • Low recovery rate

User Rate: 4.6/5

Part 5: MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Despite trying out the multiple options, if you’re unable to find the appropriate SD memory card data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery could be an impressive option. With this, you’ve got the leverage to retrieve the lost data by performing the simple scan and it also helps you to preview the data before recovering it.


  • Offers a simple user interface
  • Lets you recover the various types of data data
  • Fast scanning speed


  • Doesn’t get updated regularly

User Rate 4.2/5

Final Words

You can take notes from this guide to get the most appropriate free SD card recovery software on board. We have recommended the 5 joyful and eye-catching tools to retrieve the lost data and all you need to do is act upon the few steps to initiate the data recovery.

AnyRecover is the most recommended and best SD card recovery software that stimulates the recovery of 1000+ types of data with a quick scan.

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