Which Type Of Solar Panel Is Best In India?

As we know there are many power cut issues faced by people in India and the electricity bills are also becoming costlier day by day. So here is the environmentally friendly solution to your all problems. Solar panel is the best solution which reduces the dependence on conventional energy sources with advancements in technologies. But there are many types of solar panels available in India and for better use, you have to find the best and suitable solar panel according to your needs. So let us discuss which are the best solar panels in India.

Best Solar Panels in India:

In India, there are many types of solar panels available but you have to know which are the top or best solar panels in India. Choosing the right solar panel will help you in solving your electricity problems easily. So here we talk about the latest technology solar panels which are newly launched in India. 

Topcon Solar Panel:

Topcon solar panel which is one of the world’s latest technologies in solar panels. These solar panels are suitable for all purposes like home, business, and agriculture.  The solar cell used in this solar panel is a Topcon bifacial double glass solar cell. The traditional solar panel’s efficiency was 14-15 % but now in this latest Topcon solar panel, the efficiency is 22%. It will generate 700-watt electricity as it works from both sides. The performance warranty of this product is 32 years and the product warranty is 12 years. These solar panels are designed to work in -40° to 80° temperature. 

Bifacial Solar Panel:

Bifacial solar panels are solar panels that work from both sides. These are not like traditional solar panels that only utilize sunlight from one side. Bifacial solar panels are very advantageous in different environmental situations and areas like snowy landscapes. They are suitable for areas where power cut occurs for a long time and bifacial solar panels make more electricity because it generates electricity from both sides. You can connect solar panels to the battery which will save the excess electricity for later use or you can use it in bad weather conditions or nighttime.

Monocrystalline Solar Panel:

Monocrystalline solar panels are known for their higher efficiency. These solar panels can create more electricity in smaller spaces. Because of its higher efficiency, they require smaller spaces to work but the cost of monocrystalline solar panels is costlier than other panels. Spending on these panels is cost-effective because they will work in the long run. 


To not get confused while choosing the right solar panels we have introduced you to the latest technology solar panels above. Apart from that choosing the solar panel depends on various factors like your budget, space, how much electricity you want to reduce, etc. After the whole discussion, we got to know that the world’s latest solar panel is a Topcon solar panel and this solar panel is suitable for all purposes whether it’s for home, for small or big business, for agriculture, etc. Now you can easily choose according to your needs the best solar panel.

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