Pick Your Poison: 6 Cocktails You Can Make for a Fun Party

Unless you throw one for children, a gathering is not complete without a little liquor serving. Whether it is a chill, laidback hang-out with your inner circle or an all-out party for your colleagues, your guests will always appreciate some servings of beverages. Some cans or bottles of beer will not hurt for catching up with friends, and strong-spirited drinks like tequila or gin are ideal for rowdy parties. But if you want to serve something different, cocktails are perfect options.

Quick and easy to make, cocktails can make your party or hang-out sessions more memorable. Aside from having that buzz, these drinks offer a unique taste that many people can enjoy. And whether you are using a cocktail smoker or not, you can always mix these tasty beverages. And without further ado, here are seven cocktails you can make for a fun party.

1. Chocolate Orange Martini

Let us start the list with a cocktail many people probably do not expect. Chocolates and oranges are familiar to probably everyone in the world. Chocolates are well-known sweets that people use to express love, and oranges are nutritious fruits rich in Vitamin C. Aside from their respective enjoyable tastes, do you know that you can enjoy both in a cocktail? Meet the chocolate orange martini.

Indulge yourself in a classic martini with a citrusy and chocolatey twist! Aside from these two flavors, this beverage flaunts ingredients including Frangelico, vanilla vodka, and Irish cream. You can also add chocolate syrup and chocolate chips as a garnish for additional bittersweet flavors.

2. Sangria Punch

Punches are classic drinks at many parties. Aside from seeing them in movies, series, or cartoons, there is a big chance that the host will serve this drink when they throw a huge party or get-together. But if you want to flaunt a spirited drink for many people to enjoy, try mixing up some sangria punch.

Nothing beats a drink that can make you feel warm inside like this sangria punch. This alcoholic treat includes lemonade, cranberry juice, orange juice, and lime juice, and it also features club soda and slices of orange and lime. Serve it with ice cubes in a tall glass for an unforgettable party beverage.

3. Tomato Juice Cocktail

Tomatoes are something you probably do not expect in a cocktail; however, this entry begs to differ. It may take some time to cook this drink, but a tomato juice cocktail is a perfect beverage if you feel like trying something different. It does not have alcohol, so feel free to serve it during family gatherings.

Aside from tomatoes, this drink features carrots, sweet green peppers, celery stalks, lemon juice, honey, black peppercorns, white onions, bay leaves, and basil. Combine these ingredients in a pot and simmer them in low heat until the vegetables are soft. Serve it with a side of sliced tomato for a healthy and alcohol-free beverage that even kids can enjoy!

4. Wormy Swamp Water Punch

Halloween is one of the occasions that people look forward to yearly, and for a good reason. Horror movies, spooky costumes, and candies are some of the many things that define this event. And to fill in the Halloween spirit, why not serve a wormy swamp water punch when you throw a party?

It may look gross, but this refreshing beverage is a perfect drink when you invite your friends over for some Halloween fun. It consists of orange juice, lime-lemon soda, pineapple juice, apricot brandy, lime vodka, and gummy worms for the garnish. Pour it in a punch bowl so everyone can savor this spooky drink.

5. Marie Antoinette Champagne Cocktail

How about a regal drink for a change when you throw a party? From literature and history, many people assume that royalties would host the biggest gatherings filled with food and drinks. And with this Marie Antoinette champagne cocktail, you do not have to be of royal lineage to make a refreshing beverage.

It might sound grand, but this alcoholic drink does not require high-end ingredients. Combine pomegranate liqueur, vodka, lemon juice, and simple syrup, then top them with champagne of your choice. Serve the drink cold and garnish it with maraschino cherries for a regal yet easy-to-make beverage.

6. Pineapple and Cranberry Cocktail

And lastly, pineapples are fruits that you can associate with freshness or other dishes. From pineapple-flavored juices to arguably toppings to pizzas, this fruit will add refreshment to any food or drink. And if you want a refreshing alcoholic beverage for a party or a chill weekend night, this pineapple and cranberry cocktail recipe is a safe bet.

It may be plain, but this beverage is quick and easy to make, and more importantly: it tastes fantastic. All you need are Smirnoff Orange Vodka, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice. Mix these in a glass with ice, then garnish it with a slice of orange. Serve it cold for a fruity and refreshing alcoholic drink.

In a Nutshell,

Parties and gatherings feel incomplete when there are no drinks for anyone to enjoy. So, these six beverages are some of the many options you can make and serve when you host an upcoming gathering. Feel free to experiment with making your original beverages, too, as they might become the new favorite of your guests.

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