How to Create an Order Form: Guidelines for the Sales Department

Any business associated with sales requires optimization of all processes, including those related to the preparation of documents that are essential to increase sales, for instance, order forms, etc., These efforts have a direct impact on increasing sales and, thus, increasing income. So it is really important to understand how to make a certain form depending on the type of business activities and other factors.

If you do business online, the order form is usually submitted directly on the website. This is why it is important for the potential customers to be able to find it and fill it out without any difficulties. If your customers prefer to make purchases in the physical office, such a document is formed in hard copy (an order form template should be created beforehand), so that during negotiations you can offer the customer to fill it out.

Order Form For The Online Store

The following algorithm should be used for creating and placing an order form in your online store:

  • It is recommended to begin by choosing a tool for generating an order form. Many services offer such tools. It is important to carefully study their capabilities and options to make the right choice.
  • Next, you should choose a payment method to integrate it into the online store.
  • The final stage includes setting up and customizing the form and building the page for confirming the purchase.

Many people use Google Forms to generate an order form. The main reason is that there is no payment for this service. However, there are many services that enable you to find sample forms, as well as provide the capability to seamlessly integrate the finished result into your online store. One of such services is Pandadoc. This project offers users a wide range of opportunities to optimize document management, including the generation and use of order forms.

Advantages of Pandadoc

This tool is designed to ensure high-quality handling of any documents in any company, regardless of its size, turnover, and profits. The features offered by Pandadoc include the following:

  • a huge library of ready-to-use document templates that can be successfully utilized to build a smart document management system for the company;
  • the ability to quickly make amendments provided to the document’s author, as well as to all the people who have been granted access to it;
  • several people can work with the documents at the same time, which significantly speeds up and ensures more efficient communication between different company departments;
  • analytical tools enable users to track the document status and make the necessary corrections in time;
  • there is the possibility of integration with many popular CRM systems, which makes Pandadoc a versatile tool for optimizing the work of the company as a whole.

When you use Pandadoc in your business activities, you can ensure efficient communication between all departments within the company and significantly increase the speed of processing requests from existing and potential customers. Another important advantage of the product is the capability to sign documents with a digital signature, which enables users to sign any contract online. This feature speeds up all work processes to great extent.

In order to understand all the features of this service and estimate its performance and capabilities, the developers offer a free trial period, during which the users can have practical experience of the efficiency offered by its tools and their benefits for the business activities of the company.

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