What Are Flasks Used for in WoW TBC?

In World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, you have access to a number of fantastic consumables and buffs that can help you. However, the rules are a bit different when you come from WoW Classic. This is mainly a rule for elixirs, with categories like battle and guardian elixirs. The main focus of this article will be taking a look at flasks in WoW TBC, and what they can do for you. Just be prepared to have your WoW TBC gold at the ready.

About Flasks in WoW TBC

We just touched on the battle and guardian elixirs, and flasks count as both in The Burning Crusade. This also means that flasks can only be used once at a time. You may need to get your hands on WoW TBC Classic gold to get them, but they are extremely useful and last a long time.

Alchemy Flasks

The flasks that you can make with alchemy are very handed WoW TBC Classic items for you to have. These Alchemy flasks all have different effects on your character. For example, the Flask of Fortification has a +10 defenses rating and +500 health. Meanwhile, the Flask of Pure Death has +80 spell damage for fire, frost, and shadow. If you want to increase your attack, then opt for the Flask of Relentless Assault, which has +120 attack power.

Another flask for spell damage is the Flask of Blinding Light, which adds +80 spell damage for natural, holy, and arcane spells. For your mana, you can use the Flask of Mighty Restoration, which will increase your +25 mana per 5 seconds. Players looking to boost their resistances can use the Flask of Chromatic Wonder that adds +35 to all resistances and +18 to all other stats.

What Are Classic Alchemy Flasks?

If you have any Classic Alchemy flasks and reagents going spare as you transition into The Burning Crusade, then you will notice just how useful they can really be when used instead of the TBC alchemy flasks we discussed.

There are comparisons to be made with this other set of flasks in WoW TBC. For example, you have the Flask of Petrification that adds immunity from attacks for a total of 60 seconds, but you can’t remove the buff yourself as you could in Classic. Compared to the Flask of Fortification, meanwhile, the Flask of the Titans doesn’t have a defense rating and gives you 100 less health.

Then you have the Flask of Supreme Power which gives 10 less spell damage than the Flask of Blinding Light and Flask of Pure Death. The Flask of Distilled Wisdom opts for adding +65 intellect per 5 seconds instead of the usual mana, and the Flask of Chromatic Resistance offers 10 less resistance.

Unstable Flasks

If you have 10 Apexis shards, then you can trade them in Blade’s Edge Mountains for an unstable flask. These flasks all come from different places and offer varying advantages. You have the Unstable Flask of the Beast which increases your agility, strength, and stamina. The Unstable Flask of the Bandit swaps those traits, taking out strength for attack power. The Unstable Flask of the Sorcerer adds stamina, intellect, healing and spell damage as well. The Unstable Flask of the Elder increases your stamina, intellect and mana, whilst the Unstable Flask of the Physician increases intellect, stamina and healing. Finally, the Unstable Flask of the Soldier increases your stamina, strength and critical strike rating.

The Unstable Flask of the Bandit, Elder, Physician and Soldier are all sold by the Aether-tech Assistant. This can be done once you have finished with the event known as Attack on Bash’ir Landing. This takes place every two hours in the game, so there’s plenty of opportunities for you to take part in it. All of these can be very beneficial to your WoW TBC Classic account. The others meanwhile can be found from crystalforges, in both Bash’ir Landing and Forge Camp: Wrath and Forge Camp: Terror.

As you have probably guessed by now, flasks in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade are one of the most essential consumables available in TBC. They might end up costing you WoW TBC gold, but the sacrifice is most certainly worth it. When you are considering what they are actually capable of, they can often be the difference between victory and defeat. It’s worth keeping an eye on what each flask in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade is able to do for you, and making it work to your advantage.

Have you used WoW TBC flasks before? What are your thoughts on how effective they are? Let us know in the comments section below!

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