Hottest B2B Content Marketing Trends And Statistics In 2019

In the present digital marketing world, content marketing plays a very essential role, particularly whenever put into B2B marketing context where audience engagement and association is more difficult. Similarly, as with other methods in digital marketing, content marketing should be continuously sharpened and pulled with the goal to convey the most extreme results. To enable you to update your procedure and remain ahead in the competition, Contentualize has compiled in this infographic the top B2B content marketing trends you need to keep an eye out for in 2019.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a kind of marketing that includes influential individuals that may hold influence over potential purchasers. This might be a direct result of the influencer’s ability, popularity, or reputation. Contrasted with other marketing methods, influencer marketing at present is by all accounts the most proficient and profitable method for contacting a group of people and meeting marketing objectives. It can without much of a stretch be estimated through commitment, snaps, likes, and shares and, additionally, it stimulates double the deals.

Influencer marketing system also helps websites in the ranking. Individuals who utilize social media life to look for data in all probability also use search engines to help in their decision-making process. Recent examinations have disclosed that practically 80% of future marketing plans will center upon something like one influencer marketing effort in the coming year.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an approach to achieve your clients or prospective clients through email who have given your business approval to get in touch with them. Email marketing is one of the fastest types of communication. Email marketing has more chances of being seen, compared with social media updates where they can pass up announcements and simply scroll up their news feeds. With a couple of snaps, messages can be sent to a huge number of clients. Those clients are allowed to read at their own comfort whether on the online or offline. Notwithstanding a business’ size and industry, messages can present various business openings from lead generation to client engagement. Moreover, email marketing is practical and is moderately simpler and less expensive to keep up.

Audio/Visual Content

Audio/visual aids utilized in business communication help members stay aware and retain the data in a visual manner. The tools utilized for these aids are also called multimedia tools and are utilized to show visual, sound-related and interactive media or data. The utilization of broad media devices can likewise save you time, particularly when the topics and data are wide. Implementing visual content into your digital marketing strategy won’t simply improve viewpoints, responsibility and social following, yet it will also empower your content to pull in the audiences’ attention and lift commitment from your targeted gathering of viewers.

Paid Distribution Channels

Paid distribution refers to hiring different platforms to promote content over a variety of well-known sites. You can have paid distribution on both social media and standard participating sites. The value of paid distribution lies in its capacity to enable you to discover a group of people for your content. The objective is to influence the promoted content to appear to be normal on the sites to encourage individuals to tap on the links and get access to your brand and what you bring to the table. It enables you to interact with individuals, even if they are on different sites.

Paid distribution channels are ending up progressively vital to promoters expecting to scale results from the content. According to an examination, there is about five times increment in the paid content promotion since 2014. Paid distribution can be an important method for distributing your content before fresh eyes and spreading the message out about your brand. While it tends to be useful, it is essential to improve your use through the careful choice of content and platform.

Social Media

Social media offers numerous advantages to entrepreneurs, as it enables them to connect with their clients in an entirely different manner. Social media enables you to get personal with your clients, and form a bond of trust with them. By answering to the worries of your clients and requesting their opinions, you can upgrade consumer loyalty while getting more traffic for your site, which further progresses your business. Since social media is such an efficient method for communicating with individuals, you can utilize social media platforms to conduct marketing research. Social media not only brings huge traffic to the website, but also considers interactivity that can be extremely valuable to organizations.


Adapting to the changes in content marketing quickly is the best way to remain ahead. These five content marketing trends can enable you to get sorted out and settle on more smarter promoting choices in 2019. Organizations must know the preferences of their clients and make changes in their strategy so as to perform well this year and produce incredible outcomes from content marketing.

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