How Do We Get Bitcoins Fast?

There are different methods to buy bitcoins. But the most useful method to get free bitcoins is the online method. You need to download a bitcoin wallet. This wallet allows you to buy, sell, or store bitcoins. There are four types of bitcoin wallets are available in online markets.

  1. Mobile Wallet
  2. Web Wallet
  3. Desktop Wallet
  4. Hardware Wallet

So, the first thing you need to choose one of those wallet types. Then, download and install it on your device. Now the process of using a wallet is starting. You need to create your account on the cryptocurrency exchange. After creating an account you need to verify it on your bitcoin wallet. Your cryptocurrency exchange account can be approved by your bitcoin wallet provider. The cryptocurrency exchange is a marketplace. That allows traders to buy fiat money or digital currencies. By using a cryptocurrency exchange account you can easily buy or sell bitcoins.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges accept banks or credit card payments. But some exchanges only accept Paypal payments. On these exchanges, you need to pay transaction fees for every trading. You can not only buy bitcoins. You can any use News spy. But most popular exchanges are Bitfinix, Bitstamp, Coinbase, and Coinmam.

Buy Bitcoins in Person

There is four option to buy bitcoins from a person. If you don’t know about it then don’t worry. I explain it to you.

Option To Buy Bitcoin In Person

  1. Coin ATM Radar
  2. LibertyX
  3. Paxful
  4. LocalBitcoins

Coin ATM Radar

There is a lot of websites that can help you to find a bitcoin ATM. But I prefer you to choose ‘Coin ATM Radar’. It will help to search out the best ATM. The working of all ATMs is almost the same. But the trade of your cash for the bitcoin process is different. So, don’t worry just use this website to search for ATM that is near to you.


As I say, in the United States there are stores, shopping malls that accept bitcoin. You can change your regular currency in bitcoin. You just need to go to that retailer’s stores. And give them your regular currency. It will give you the bitcoins. So, if you don’t know about these stores. Where they are located, then don’t worry. I suggest you use the ‘LibertyX’ website. This site will help you to find bitcoin retailer stores near you. It works across the United States. So, use this website to search out retailer stores. And exchange your cash with bitcoins


There are some branches that can provide you the feature to deposit your cash and get bitcoins. You just need to go to these banks. Give your public address to the bank and transfer your cash to your wallet. If you don’t know about such branches of banks. Then use ‘Paxful’ webiste. It is the best website that helps you to find banks near you. Use these websites to search for the best bank. Go to this bank branch. Deposit your cash and get bitcoins.


As I discuss the three methods of buying bitcoins in person. The method is similar to others. You can buy bitcoins directly from a person. You don’t need to find ATMs, banks, or retail shops. Just find a person wants to sell their bitcoins. Pay him for bitcoins and get bitcoins. But here the matter is how I know who wants to sell bitcoins. I suggest you use the ‘LocalBitcoins’ site. This website helps you to find people who are willing to exchange bitcoins for cash. Just go to those peoples and buy bitcoins.

How To Get Bitcoins For Free?

There are four methods to get free bitcoins.

Method To Get Free Bitcoins

  1. Play Mobile or Online Games to earn bitcoins
  2. Do Odd jobs Online to get bitcoins
  3. Read Classic books to get bitcoins
  4. Write about cryptocurrency to get bitcoins

Play Mobile Or Online Games To Earn Bitcoins

Everyone wants enjoyment in their lives. People do different things for their entertainment. Most of the people who have a smartphone can play mobile games. But how much it is good when you can earn bitcoin by playing games. Yes! you here the right thing. You can earn free bitcoins by playing mobile or online games. It’s means now you can get entertainment or money in one place. When these faucets want to make money and pay their players in the form of bitcoins. They serve a lot of advertisements to their users.

If you don’t want to see ads, you can join a bitcoin casino. In a bitcoin casino, you can bet by using your bitcoins. Or also you can play traditional casino games, sports matches, and lotteries. These things give you a high amount of profit in bitcoins.

Do Odd Jobs Online To Get Bitcoins

You can earn free bitcoins by using different websites. These websites give you small tasks that you need to complete. When you complete the task you get the reward in bitcoins. These companies pay you for the survey, retweet their posts, and other small tasks. They also provide a one-question quiz. A person who can give the right answer can get the reward. This reward is in the form of bitcoins.

If you want to earn free bitcoins by using the website. I suggest you use the ‘BitcoinGet’ website to get an odds job. And use ‘Bitfortip’ to nominate for one question quiz.

Read Classic Books To Get Bitcoins

I know some sites can give you some tasks and give you a small amount of reward. But this reward is not enough to engage peoples. Because, when people feel boring they skip this small amount.

That’s why ‘Bitcoin Aliens’ provide a feature that is called PaidBooks. They give their users to read classical books. And give them the reward of reading books. If you find your loveable book, then it is so much good. You can read it and enjoy it. This enjoyment time will give you some bitcoins.

Write About Cryptocurrency To Get Bitcoins

If you have a lot of knowledge about the cryptocurrency industry. Then why you are waiting. This time is to take a reward to your knowledge. You can write blogs, news outlets, and forums about cryptocurrency. That will give you a good amount of profit in bitcoins.  I suggest you use the ‘BitcoinTalk’ website. This site provides you the opportunity to write about cryptocurrency. And get the reward of your extra knowledge.


I hope you will understand how to get bitcoins fast. I provide you best method to buy bitcoins easily. These methods can be used by experts. So, choose these methods and become one of the best bitcoin buyers. But if you don’t want to buy bitcoins. And wants to get it free. I provide you some methods that can help you to get free bitcoins. Share your knowledge and sharpness level with others and get bitcoins. I hope this article is helpful for you and easy to understand. If you have any queries about this topic, please ask them in the comment section.

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