How to Perform a Reverse Number Lookup for Free?

Have you ever tried to find the details of a phone number online? If yes, then you are going to love this article.

Google is the leading search engine that finds almost any type of information from the internet. Unfortunately, it is not that effective when you need to find out the owner of an unknown phone number. It is because the platform is a search engine designed to provides relevant search results.

If there is no data on public websites, there is nothing to search on google. However, found an excellent way to help you perform a phone number search to find the owner’s details within a few seconds.

So, let’s get to the topic and understand how you can do it.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup is a technology that gives you direct access to the public details of a phone number. With this technology, you can track the details of any scammer calling you continuously. The best part is that the technology is way more convenient than performing a simple search.

Most people love to use this service to find unknown phone numbers. However, it is much more than a tool to avoid scammers. The reverse phone lookup service is also helpful when you want to find someone with their old phone number.

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Sometimes, you call your friend just to find out that they have updated their phone number. In this situation, you can use the same service to find out their details. We will cover how you can do it later in this article.

Before that, let us reveal a free and reliable platform to use this service.


CocoFinder is a modern tool to access public information online. It is helpful in different situations such as finding information related to a person’s phone number address and email. Millions of people use its service because it offers its premium services without charging any money. additionally, there is no need to register for an account to access its tools.

The user interface of this platform is quite helpful and offers a reliable way to use its services. It means anyone with little or no technical knowledge can use its services to find Public Information related to a phone number.

That is the reason why we use this platform to access the reverse phone lookup services. in this guide, we will share some easy steps using the same platform to find the details of a phone number using the reverse phone lookup service.

So let’s start and see how these services offered by CocoFinder can help you out.

How to use CocoFinder’s Reverse Phone Lookup Service

As we mentioned earlier, CocoFinder has a reverse phone lookup where you can get the information related to a registered phone number. The best thing about this service is that it can track the details related to a landline as well as a virtual phone number.

Here are some easy steps to use this service.

Step1: Access The tool

The first step includes accessing this tool by visiting this website. When you visit its website, you can find the phone lookup button on its homepage. Click on the button and wait for the website to redirect you to a new page. this page will look similar to the above image.

Step2: Enter Phone Number

The second step is to enter the phone number that you want to search for. There is no need to add any other information and you can simply click the search button after entering the phone number. The platform will start searching for the relevant information about that phone number in its database. The period taken to complete the search is based on the amount of information available on its database.

Therefore we recommend waiting for a few seconds or a minute so that the platform can find reliable information from credible sources.

Step3: Use the Report

Here comes the main part where you will find the information in the report generated by this tool. You will receive a report for your search query consisting of all the information related to the registered phone number. Therefore you can click on the report and find different sections to check the identity of the person.

The report comes with different sections that include different information. Additionally, the website keeps adding new information to its search result reports. Hence, we recommend you check the service page for the updated information.

Top 3 Reasons to Use a Phone Lookup Service

If you are searching for a reverse phone lookup then we are sure that you must have a reason to use this service. However, here are some other reasons or situations where you can make your job easier with this tool.

Reason1: To Find an Old Contact

Phone lookup report shows you the complete identity of the person registered with that phone number. It means you can use this service to catch up with an old friend by checking their contact information and contacting them through other mediums. It is helpful when you cannot reach them from their old phone number but you still have it saved on your device.

Reason2: To Track Unknown Callers

The second reason is the most common reason to use phone lookup services. It is used to track the details of an unknown phone number. You can find out about the person calling you without revealing your details to them.

Reason3: To Check Spam Rating

Some phone lookup services show you the spam rating of the phone number. It helps you check the credibility of the person calling you from that phone number. A lot of people use this service for the same reason and protect themselves from hundreds of spam calls received every month.

Final Words

If you have ever used a reverse phone lookup tool, you must be aware of the fact that they are expensive. However, CocoFinder is one of the most reliable and affordable tools that you can use for reverse phone lookup services. The tool is readily available and can be accessed by anyone without creating an account.

Therefore, you can complete your search here, and check out its website to learn more about its features.

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