How To Split PDF Pages Through PDF Bear

It becomes a significant issue for many when the PDF file is incredibly large. We can’t deliver them via electronic mail, thus, so we have to reduce its scale. Another challenge is searching in the PDF file to scan for the keywords or paragraphs. If you have a struggle with all of these, you will need a splitting tool.

There are plenty of digital resources out there on the web. These are websites providing free and premium accounts of their splitting resources. You can find and access some splitting services in the browser, and many are available for download. Such support and downloadable software allow it to be readily accessible.

The objective of splitting PDF pages is to significantly reduce file size and enable a few users to generate a new PDF document with all the information they need from the main PDF.

If you’re searching for a digital resource to split pdf documents for free, then PDFBear is for you. PDFBear is among the best and most reliable web-based splitting resources that you can utilize to split pdf pages . It grants users an option where they can use the free edition or subscribe for more privileges. PDFBear makes sure that its PDF splitting features are readily accessible and reliable to use. This online device also allows customers to access both mobile phones and PCs.

How to Use PDFBear’s Split Page Tool

The first thing you have to do in the process is to choose or drag your file or PDF into the website, then select the pages that you wish to part. Select the pages to refine them in the wake of choosing all the pages you want. Lastly, import them as separate PDF files and download the documents. You can still export them to your computer or device after all of that procedure. You may also save or transfer the materials into your clouds. The platform will include a reference to split your PDF file. You can pick your desired pages, and create a new and unique document.

Advantages of Using PDF Bear’s Split Tool

When you utilize PDF Bear’s split tool, you can complete your transaction in no time without the need to wait for an extended time. You do not have to fret about your shared PDF files in their split tool because their customer’s security is a priority to them.

One more thing is that it is a web-based PDF split tool that can be effortlessly convenient with any gadget or operating system. Users will be allowed to use their resources using their computers, smartphones, and other devices at any time of the day. Their PDF split tool is available to not only Windows but also Mac and Linux OS.

Applying for a PRO Membership

Although some of PDF Bear’s split resources and other features are at no cost, some premium tools are under a paid membership. If users apply to the PRO plan, they will be able to create more unlimited tasks. With only the free account, they will only be able to use restricted tasks and services.

With the PRO account, users will be allowed to import over 10 MB or the largest file size. After every transaction or utilizing their resources, users will be able to rename their current PDF document or other file formats before transferring them back to their computer’s folder or smartphone.

The PDF Bear PRO plan is functional in either a monthly or annual package. If a client wants to apply, PDF Bear will grant them a free trial after becoming a PRO member so that they will be allowed to revoke or cancel their plan if they find themselves unhappy. After the withdrawal, while on the free trial duration, their payment will go back to their account.


All projects are completed efficiently with merely a couple of taps kudos to the online PDF web services and resources. Back then, something like transforming documents to another file format was hard to achieve. If you want to efficiently split your PDF files, then you should check out PDFBear!

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