Is Writing an Essay Easy?

I will be honest with you. If writing an article were easy, there would be no assignment writing services. Given that there are hundreds of them in the USA alone, it is safe to say that article writing is not the easiest academic task. articles should have a specific structure and be astute, engaging, thoughtful, and original. They should use citations and references and comply with all instructions. Meeting these expectations is challenging, so many students use websites such as However, even the most struggling writers can develop article writing skills if they care enough to invest time and energy. This article shows how you can do it for optimal academic results.

What is an Article, and When Is It Used?

Let’s start with the theory. An article is a type of academic  that pursues a particular goal, which may vary depending on the task. articles can be persuasive, reflective, argumentative, etc. The most common type of article is the informative 5-paragraph article. It typically consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introductory section in an article always ends with a concise thesis statement, which is the main idea of the whole paper. Each body paragraph examines this idea in detail, while the conclusion summarizes the paper’s main points. This structure fits any topic and article.

The writing in articles should be focused and deliberate. There is no room for students’ abstract reflections and thoughts. Even reflective articles should follow the standard structure and revolve around a thesis statement. In this way, articles help evaluate students’ ability to study and synthesize the literature, build connections, interpret, and state implications of the studied content.

Why Is It So Difficult?

article writing requires a diverse skillset. Students must demonstrate insightful analysis, close reading, comparison and contrast, conciseness, clarity, persuasion, and exposition. Students need to study the available literature, find the most valuable sources, and determine what information from these sources will be used. They are also expected to know what information is credible and authoritative and avoid unreliable sources. Problems typically begin at the research stage, one of the first stages involved in article writing.

Paraphrasing and summarizing are also a nightmare for many students. While these activities are a piece of cake for writers delivering the best service, newbie writers cannot resist the temptation to cut and paste information. Unfortunately, this dishonest behavior results in failure, no matter how sharp their writing is.

The whole drafting process is not easy. An article rarely emerges naturally. Instead, it is a product of restructuring, rearranging, and redesigning that takes much time and effort. The most impatient students submit their articles at this stage, not bothering to polish their papers.

But can we blame them? Proofreading and editing are tedious, exhausting tasks. When you’ve been writing a paper for a long time, you easily overlook some errors and mistakes. Asking someone to look at the article with a fresh pair of eyes may be a boon for students tired of improving their articles. The best writing services offer editing services, making article writing less time-consuming.

Finally, every article contains a reference list – a stumbling block for many article writers. The problem is that references should be written in accordance with a specific referencing style. In this case, every comma and spacing matters. However, when a student finally finishes the paper, the citation style is the last thing they want to think about. As a result, reference pages are often poorly structured and contain many mistakes.

What Can I Do to Make My Articles Better?

I have bad news for you. Article writing is accessible only for those who practice a lot. You need to complete every  diligently, taking your time with grammar, paraphrasing, and referencing. Create several drafts and proofread them carefully. The upside? You will get better at this with every article. Seeing progress is essential in this context because it boosts your confidence and allows you to approach every new article with enthusiasm and interest.

Writing services can also be a game-changer. Ordering an article online may save time and help you focus on other assignments. Critics of these services argue that they don’t help students learn. However, everything depends on a student. A ready paper may serve as excellent guidance for students, which they can use for completing their own articles in the future. Why not use some expert guidance? After all, article writing is not easy, and any help may turn out to be decisive.


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