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A company that breaks a leg and works a lot together deserves an extraordinary and memorable company outing. It’s time to leave the tons of paperwork on your table, take a pause from working in front of the computer, and start packing up your things for the most-awaited company trip to date.

Company outings are best done at least annually. This is for the whole team to consistently build and develop their bond and relationship with each other. Moreover, a once in a year of a sweet escape from the corporate world won’t cause any harm to the progress of the company.

Thus, if you wholeheartedly want to give the whole team an absolutely unforgettable trip, Manchester is one of the best places to consider. This place is a major city in the northwest part of magnificent England and is always ready to accommodate you and your company.

Let go of your worries now. Sit back, and calm down yourself because this article will be your ultimate guide to have an extraordinary and unforgettable company outing! Read further and enjoy.

· Enjoy the bests of Manchester for FREE!

Your company trip to Manchester wouldn’t be completely satisfying without visiting the gorgeous attractions of the city. In fact, roaming around the magnificent city of Manchester must be the first one on your list.

It’s best to allot a generous amount of time for visiting the attractions that will make you love Manchester even more. Moreover, these places won’t only satisfy your eyes but as well as your knowledge for it all stand as the gateway to knowing the history of the extravagant city of Manchester.

Thus, take the list below as your guide to see and experience the bests of Manchester for free.

  • Unfold the history by visiting the John Rylands Library
  • Roam around the Castlefield Urban Heritage Park
  • Channel your cultural side at the Manchester Art Gallery
  • Uncover your hidden talents at Manchester Craft and Design Centre
  • Time travel at the Museum of Science and Industry
  • Interact with nature at Fletcher Moss Park and Botanical Gardens
  • Have the best picnic experience at the Platt Fields Park
  • Form a new level of friendship at The Donkey Sanctuary
  • Score your first goal at the National Football Museum
  • Look through Manchester’s famous record shops

· Coach hire in Manchester to the rescue!

One of the main concerns when planning a company outing is the source or mode of transportation. In taking a visit to the beautiful city of Manchester, transportation isn’t something to worry about – this is something that you’ll be very grateful for instead.

The city of Manchester offers its locals and its lovely visitors who want to see and experience the beauty of the place a variety of transportation sources.  You can choose from the free bus ride, coach hire in Manchester, commercial bus, tram, and train – roaming around the city on foot can also be a great choice.

Since you’re travelling as a group, the best and most convenient deal for your team is the coach hire in Manchester. Coach hire in Manchester is beyond a perfect choice whenever travelling with family, friends, or even with the whole company. As you consider coach hire in Manchester, you can guarantee a comfortable, safe, and convenient ride around the city.

· Dine in and have a spoonful taste of Manchester’s specialty foods and drinks

The countless paperwork and more pending projects or tasks in line might really drain and exhaust your team in a blink of an eye. That’s why even merely once in a year, treat the whole team with a well-deserved trip somewhere away from reality – a trip to Manchester is the best decision you can make.

No regrets, because your trip to Manchester will really take away the feeling of exhaustion from each one of you. Especially if you opt to dine in and have yourselves a spoonful taste of Manchester’s specialty foods and drinks that you’ll absolutely love.

Choose where to drool from the list below:

  • 20 Stories – located at 20-storey tower, this rooftop restaurant won’t only feed your tummy but as well as your eyes with the great view it offers from above.
  • Rosylee – savour an afternoon tea with the whole team in this tearoom where beer-battered haddock, chips, and steak suet pudding are also served.
  • Rudy’s – talking about and craving for pizza? Rudy’s got your back. As a well-known and considered as producers of the best pizza in town, it’s a tough table to get most of the time, but it’s all worth it anyway.
  • Mackie Mayor – it’s a former meat market and is now the home to a magnificent food hall.

· Check in to the state-of-the-art hotel in the city

One of the many things you have to settle first before the company outing is the place where you can all have a safe and sound sleep and stay during the whole trip. In fact, the place to stay is one of the most-awaited details by almost everyone.

Mostly, people are looking for a place where they can find relaxation, comfort, and safety all at the same time. But aside from that, your team might also be looking for a place where they can have Instagram-worthy photos and more.

Thus, find an amazing place to stay in the provided list of hotels below.

  • Premier Suites Manchester
  • Roomzzz Manchester City
  • Hilton Garden Inn Manchester Emirates Old Trafford
  • Britannia Hotel City Centre Manchester
  • Velvet Hotel
  • AC Hotel Manchester Salford Quays
  • Hotel Indigo
  • Whitworth Locke
  • Crowne Plaza
  • Staybridge Suites

Benefits of company outing:

  • It offers time to relax and unwind
  • It serves as an “ultimate break time” from work
  • Build a better and stronger bond between the team
  • It serves as a “pause” button of working life
  • Delivers refreshment to the whole company
  • It makes you and your company appreciate your job more

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