Most Popular Webix Widgets in 2021

There are many memes and jokes on the Internet about a new JS framework appearing every other minute. However, we can’t but admit the help of JavaScript frameworks and libraries in creating UI.

JS libraries offer ready-made solutions for the developers. Applying the widgets that have already been built and tested by a team of professionals, you can use your skills and efforts in other parts of the project. Robust libraries usually provide their users with full documentation and technical support that keep the occurring issues to a minimum.

Webix UI Library is a big set of tools handy for UI building. It includes more than 100 widgets that manage any task of the project. Part of the library consists of complex widgets. Those are ready-made SPAs, that can be used as separate apps or as parts of big systems.

According to the Webix reviews and the feedback provided by Webix users, we have compiled a list of the most popular Webix complex widgets. They can be used as universal solutions for different types of projects. You will find something useful for your project in this article. So, follow us.

JavaScript File Manager


A must-have solution for managing files. You can choose the view mode you like among catalog tree, table, and tile arrangement, as well as an old-school split panels view, which reminds Total Commander a lot. A built-in manager allows users to upload and download files either with a click or with drag-n-drop. The preview panel shows text files, graphic files, music and video files. The widget is easy to navigate and compatible with any environment.

JS Pivot Table

Another popular complex widget is Pivot Table. It is a convenient tool for turning huge reports into summary tables. Pivot allows users to cope with big databases, select several data sources, and correlate them together. The features of the application include filtering and sorting, highlighting cells, automatic calculations of the figures in rows and columns. You can also configure your table by dragging and dropping tiles in the built-in configuration window. One more pleasant thing is that Pivot Chart comes together with Pivot Table, so you will be able to create nice charts to support your reports made in Pivot Tables. The widgets are compatible with any popular framework.

JavaScript Kanban


This widget is also called the Task Management Board. It helps to plan and manage tasks right on time. The solution is helpful for both huge ERP systems and small start-ups. The cards are added with a click, there is a possibility to comment on them. The cards are customizable, text, tags, attachments can be added. Kanban allows teams to see the tasks set and to evaluate their resources adequately. It is an irreplaceable tool in any project.



This one is an online calendar that can be integrated into any project. With the help of this application, you can plan events, schedule meetings, book flights, and make reservations. Events planned for a month can be conveniently grouped. The agenda view mode allows us to see the events for the upcoming week. The timeline mode shows the events on the line for a day, a week, or a month. On the whole, the widget is not just a simple calendar. It offers rich functionality and an opportunity to customize all the parameters to receive a handy and unique tool ready to meet all the requirements of a picky developer.



The widget offers the familiar yet enhanced functionality of Excel tables. The information can be imported and exported in various formats. Customizable functions can be added. Images and sparklines contribute to the visual component of the application. Advanced features include protecting data from editing, drop-down lists, and interaction with offline formats.


We have mentioned complex widgets, that are reviewed more often than others. However, the Webix UI Library has a lot more to offer. The combination of a quality product, responsive technical support, active forum, and detailed documentation makes this library a tool worthy of attention. Webix does offer value for money.

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