Top Five Patterns Popular in Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is the term used to denote hardwood floor designs that are made from smaller planks and positioned to create geometric patterns. These floors became popular back in the 1960s, though it has made a major comeback into the spotlight. If you want to make a style statement with the flooring of your home, there are several patterns of parquet flooring to help you do that. Read on to know more about the most popular parquet patterns.

Different Patterns Noticed In Parquet Flooring

Here are the most common patterns noted in modern parquet flooring:

#1 Herringbone

Herringbone parquet flooring is presently the most popular type of parquet flooring. A lot like the chevron style mentioned below, herringbone contains planks of equal sizes that are installed in a zigzag manner. However, unlike chevron, the planks of herringbone are cut in rectangles instead of an angle. After they are cut, these planks are arranged in a way that every plank touches the sides of another.

The formation is such that herringbone flooring has a lot of dimensional stability. The boards get pushed against one another and that limits movement. These planks can be arranged to create a number of patterns that include single, diagonal, and square.

#2 Chevron

Chevron flooring has a diagonal wooden pattern that offers a strong stripping effect. It creates a design that resembles arrow points. The planks for this design are cut in an angular manner and installed in a way that every plank meets at the end of another. The patterns can be installed parallel or diagonally to the wall based on preference. One of the benefits of this pattern, similar to herringbone, is that it forms long lines and offers the illusion of a bigger space.

#3 Mosaic

Mosaic or ‘finger-strip parquet’ flooring is another parquet option that offers a modernized take on the conventional style of marble mosaic palace floors. Such floors feature a wide variety of geometric patterns that are made by stitching together small wooden strips to form the panels.

The panels can either look identical in size and shape or vary in width, length, and wood species. For installing the panels, the floors on the site are nicely sanded and finished. After that, a complete trowel adhesive mode is utilized.

However, when put on a ceiling or wall, the panels need to be installed right over a plywood substrate. Also, mosaic hardwood floors are a popular choice for certain areas in the home like kitchen countertops and backsplashes.

#4 Bordeaux

This conventional French-inspired pattern of design has planks of different thicknesses that are properly arranged to create several geometric designs. The shapes get arranged in a complicated parquet pattern before being framed by a thick, square border. Due to the formation, these designs highlight the characteristics and features of the wood grain used.

#5 Basket Weave

Basketweave is a pretty pattern that suits rooms of every size and style. As you can guess from the name, this design is about arranging the planks of the same width in a pattern that is a lot like wicker baskets. Typically, this type of parquet flooring is made using light-colored, single-shade wooden planks.

But many homeowners choose to go for different colored or darker boards for creating a unique appearance. Basketweave parquet also has different types, such as double basket weave or square basket weave.

The Endnote

The pattern you choose depends on your preferences. However, it is worth mentioning that you have already made the right choice by opting for parquet flooring. All that is left is to decide on a pattern and start the installations.

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