Qoob Review

Instagram is listed among the best social media platforms available online. Recently this service crossed 1 billion active users. Instagram is the perfect platform for influencers, videographers, photographers, and marketers. There are many additional applications that are used to download Instagram stories, pictures, and videos. Qoob is the perfect example for such an application. Qoob also allows you to view Instagram content on your systems as Instagram is not available for desktop clients. In this article, we will tell you about Qoob.

Easy to Use Interface

Qoob has the best interface which has easy functionality and is very pleasing to the eyes. You don’t get both things in the application. You immediately get started on this application after downloading it on your device. This Instagram media viewer and downloader is very easy to use so you don’t have to read a manual or watch a video to get started with this application.

It has a search bar at the top where you can search by location, username, or hashtag. You can select the settings button to manage the conditions for automatic downloading once you choose a profile. You can also set the date range for the required posts and you can select the media type you want to download.

How to Use?

After you are done with the selection then you need to click on the subscribe button so you can start downloading the media. All the channels you have subscribed to appear in a list. If you want to create an offline backup of all your posts then you can add your username to it.

If you want to see all posts of just a single account then you can click on the arrow button on the list. You can also hover over any post to see its caption. You can view any photo or video in your system’s dedicated photo or video viewer with just a single click on a photo or video. You can read all the comments and check all other associated information by right-clicking on the post and then clicking on the ‘show on Instagram’ option.

You can view your own feed by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner. After that log in with your account. Now you will be able to view your feed without ads. You must have noticed that the application is very easy to use and set this application up takes hardly a few minutes.

Availability and Pricing

Only a few applications deliver their promises and Qoob can be counted among them. Once you set this application up you can download Instagram content without any effort. Many people won’t even think about the price and they would be ready to pay any price for this application.

This application comes with a free plan with which you are allowed to subscribe to two different accounts and you can download 200 videos and photos every day. This free plan is enough for people who want to test the application before using it.

Once you have decided to pay for this application then you would notice that the pricing of this application is quite reasonable. The premium plans of this application start from 7 dollars per month. This plan allows you to subscribe to up to 10 accounts and you can download unlimited media every day. An amazing and unique thing about this plan is that it even allows you to download content from private accounts.

If you want to enjoy this application with all the features and without any restriction then you can go for the professional plan. This plan is available for 25 dollars per month. With this plan, you can subscribe to unlimited accounts and it also allows you to use applications for commercial purposes.


  • Allows you to browse your Instagram feed without any ads on your desktop
  • Automatically downloads media from Instagram if you want to
  • Downloads media very efficiently
  • Allows you to download content using location and hashtags filter
  • Even Instagram stories and highlights can be downloaded
  • Allows you to view Instagram highlights and stories anonymously
  • Full control over the automatic downloading feature


This app has been tested by many tech experts. Most of these experts have been surprised by the features of this amazing application. This application works without any flaws and it provides you with everything they promise. It can download media from Instagram very efficiently without having you do anything. If you want a downloader for Instagram then you don’t need to look anywhere else just go for this application without any second thoughts.


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