Review: 4K Video Downloader

In this article, we are going to give a detailed review of an amazing video downloader that can easily download videos from almost all the popular video sites. The best thing is that this downloader does it for free. This software is known as  4K Video Downloader.  You can easily download any video with this downloader. It is a legit tool for downloading videos online. It is a very powerful video downloader. It performs very fastly. It is free of cost and it can be used easily by anyone.

Versions Available

This video downloader is available in two different versions. One version is free of cost and the other one is the premium version for which you need to pay to use it. The free version is amazing and it would work perfectly for you. It allows you to download videos free of cost. If you are wanting to go for the premium version then that is fantastic as it gives you many add on benefits, for example, it gives you an unlimited number of downloads, priority support, no ads, and channel subscriptions.

Better Than Other Video Downloaders

4K Video Downloader is the best 4K downloader 2020. It stands out from the other video downloaders available online as most of them trick you to visit their website to grab your attention for their marketing. This video downloader is totally different. This video downloader is not a web service, it is an application for your system to download videos.

Why Choose this downloader?

4K video downloader is a multi-platform downloader that can be used for downloading videos from almost all popular video websites. With this video downloader, you can also download playlists, download channels, and subtitles. It has a subscription feature with which it will automatically download the newly uploaded videos from the channels you have subscribed to on YouTube. This software is available online in many different languages. It is counted among the best youtube video downloaders.

Amazing Features

The amazing and unique features of the 4K video downloader are as follows:

  • Automatically downloads videos from subscribed YouTube channels
  • Automatically applies the best settings on future downloads with the smart mode feature
  • Allows you to download VR and 3D videos
  • Allows you to download embedded YouTube videos available on any website
  • Comprises of an in-app proxy setup to bypass restrictions based on geographical territories
  • Allows you to easily download private content, you’re liked and watch later playlists and age-restricted videos
  • Allows you to extract subtitles and annotations from over 50 languages
  • Allows you to download private YouTube content
  • You can get videos up to 8K resolution
  • Download full channel content in one go

Supported Video Services

4K video downloaders can also download videos from platforms other than youtube. The websites support by this software are as follows:

  • Metacafe
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • Facebook
  • Twitch
  • TikTok
  • DailyMotion
  • Likee
  • Vimeo
  • Flickr

Supported Operating Systems

4K video downloader is available for the following OSes:

  • Ubuntu
  • Windows
  • macOS

Supported Formats

4K Video downloader can download the videos and audios in many formats:

  • MP4
  • MKV
  • 3GP
  • FLV
  • OGG
  • MP3
  • M4A

Fantastic Performance

4K video downloader has a great performance. It parses the video regardless of its format in some seconds and it also downloads the video very smoothly. The speed is set to unlimited by default so you can easily use the full potential of your network connection. If your download speed is not much then you can also limit the speed of the download just by changing the connection preferences.

Customer Support

This video downloader provides its users with extensive customer support. Even though you are using the free version still you will get help from their team. If you want to learn more about the usability and features of this downloader then many resources available on their website. They have uploaded very easy-to-understand FAQs, videos, tutorials, and blogs on their website. If you can’t find your query on their website then you can email them.


If you have the free version of 4K Video Downloader then you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. They also have a licensed version in the form of a family pack. The license of this version lasts a lifetime. For this version, you have to pay a single time fee of $15 and it can be used on three computers.

You can also go for a 4K download Bundle which comprises 3 software, 4K YouTube, 4K Video Downloader, 4K Stogram. The price of this bundle is $25 and it too is for three computers.

There are also many additional features in the paid version like subtitles download, automatic updates download, unlimited playlists, etc.


This is an amazing tool for downloading videos. Do many people have a question in their mind that is 4k video downloader legal? The answer to this question is definitely a yes. It is very easy to get started. Its installation is quick and hassle-free. It is very easy-to-use the tool and the entire process of downloading, installing, and setting would take a maximum of 2 minutes. It has a fantastic user interface that is very friendly for beginners. This video downloader receives frequent updates so the existing bugs can be removed and new features can be introduced with every coming update.


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