A Review On BitDefender Total Protection 2020

Surfing the web can also be dangerous. With phishing, cybercriminals, and scams in every corner of the internet, you sure want to be protected from them, right? BitDefender Total Protection 2020 is wired for this purpose. This cybersecurity is built not only to protect you but your whole family. 

BitDefender has been delivering award-winning cybersecurity solutions to its millions of users ever since 2001. With the vision of ensuring people will have safe web experience, BitDefender Total Protection 2020 is the more enhanced version that can help you block even the newest malware. BitDefender Total Protection 2020 presents a recognizable range of PC maintenance and defense, featuring modules for highlighting large files, deleting disc-hogging clutter, and optimizing your devices’ performance. Clean-up solutions for Total Protection are reliable but straightforward. If you want to know about this cybersecurity software, then keep reading. 

Advantages Offered By BitDefender Total Security

Since this is a BitDefender total security review, we will talk about its pros and features. The main advantage of switching to BitDefender’s Total Protection is that this software is compatible with iOS, Mac and Android devices, and even PCs. The primary point for BitDefender Total Security is its multi-platform, highly configurable safety. All you have to do is click ‘Scan’, then this software will do the rest. While it is scanning on the background, you can expect that there are no slowdowns on your device’s performance. 

The Mac software searches for malware and adware. It provides security from the Time Machine tab to maintain your backups free from ransomware. For iOS, Bitdefender Mobile Security is all about identifying fake websites, which will spare you from serious issues. 

Another benefit is if your online accounts are engaged in a violation of privacy, an account privacy system generates a warning. For Android, it features all you get in the versions of Mac and iOS, plus includes on-install screening for explosive devices, an app safe to block anyone from viewing your private information, and anti-theft to track which can disable or erase a lost computer remotely.

Main Features and Services

Your device can have multi-layer ransomware protection to warn you if there is going to be an attack and assist you in eliminating that dreadful threat. With this software,  your computer will have added defense such as built-in anti-ransomware, anti-spam, and anti-fraud. 

If you are worried about being spied on, you won’t have to think about that if you have installed Bitdefender since this software will shield your device’s camera to prevent privacy invasion or spyware. Intrusion to your privacy will no longer be possible with this software. Additionally, BitDefender includes an extra layer of protection: a firewall to shield any malicious site or application that can damage or put your computer to risk.

If you are a parent with young children, BitDefender will warn you every time there are potential threats that could harm your children’s experience on the internet. It also has a built-in and AI-based analysis that will let you know if there is someone who is potentially cyberbullying them.

The Wi-Fi Security Advisor will scan your internet connection if it carries a potential threat to your device or computer. In regards to your account privacy, a mobile-specific functionality will protect and safeguard all your private information and social media account log-in details. 

BitDefender Advanced Threat Protection is a revolutionary proactive security system using different sophisticated techniques for real-time detection of ransomware and other emerging attacks. BitDefender will automatically update every time a new version comes up so you can have the best experience all the time. Also, make sure to check the operating system compatibility of Bitdefender Total Security so you won’t have a problem after the installation.


BitDefender is substantially superior at filtering phishing websites which will aid you in preventing exploitation from the newest ransomware and other dangers. They are the best of its performance in ensuring your device and personal phones are safe. 

It also surpasses several of the market rivalries due to functions and features only provided by Bitdefender Total Security. It provides real-time security and its user interface is easy to navigate. Bitdefender Total Security is one of the smartest options in the industry for software security. 

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