Small Business Tips: Must-Have Tech 2022

It seems as if the world of technology moves at a break-neck speed when it comes to new hardware, new software, and new applications. With each year, new technology on the market changes the way in which we work. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it can leave some SMB owners feeling out of the loop.

Now, don’t get us wrong, you don’t need to splash hundreds of thousands every year to update your technology, but it is handy to stay up to date with the way tech is developing. If you stay updated, it can help you identify what tech can help you run your business more efficiently and even increase productivity.

That’s never a bad thing!

In today’s article, we’ll be giving a rundown of some must-have tech for 2022 to give you an idea of the scope of technology now available.

A Powerful Enterprise-Grade Router

If you work in any kind of digital field, you’ll know how important a good router is. A router will, essentially, form the backbone of your whole operation. It will facilitate the delivery of completed projects to clients, but it will also undoubtedly play a huge role in your enterprise’s day-to-day operations.

For example, if you have opted to go for cloud-based storage solutions, then having a solid, stable internet connection is an absolute must. Having access to all the files and documents you need around the clock is vital to delivering your services.

Suppose you are finding that your internet is dropping, or the connection can get slow. In that case, it may very well be the router itself rather than the internet connection. It may be worth getting a server memory upgrade – like the great selection at ETB Tech – to make sure your business doesn’t suffer from a poor internet connection.

An Alexa And Spotify Combination

Any business owner will know the key to running a successful operation is keeping your employee’s morale high. Doing this will create a less stressful environment and ensure they enjoy the workplace environment you are building.

Technology is great for helping you do this. While it may seem like a very simple addition to your office space, having an Alexa, as well as an office playlist hooked into it, can really make a world of difference.

The joy of having an Alexa in the workplace is that no one person can have control over music choices. This means that people can talk and request songs to keep everyone happy, productive, and more relaxed.

A win-win!

Invest In An Automated Payroll System

Payroll is an aspect of running a small business that can often be handled by the business owner or co-owner. It is a very vital part of the business, and you want to make sure your employees are paid what they are due.

If you are still holding out against automated payroll software, then don’t. When these kinds of software were first introduced, the scepticism was well placed as they were not without their flaws. But automated software for payroll has been around for decades now, and all these growing pains have been sussed out.

At this late stage of the game, not investing in automated payroll is choosing to waste time and resources doing something that can easily be handled by well-coded proprietary software.

Take the plunge and start automating. You’ll be amazed at the time and resources this can free up.

Smart Plug Sockets

Yes, smart plug sockets are absolutely a thing, and they are far more useful than you may first think.

A smart plug socket is a fixture that can be plugged into any wall socket that can give you the ability to control the flow of electricity to and from the plug remotely. This essentially allows workstations and appliances within the business to be controlled from an authorised device.

This can prevent machines from being left on overnight and appliances draining power unnecessarily by giving you full control over your office’s electrical devices.

Smart plugs can work in conjunction with handheld devices – such as phones and tablets – to switch the plugs on or off from anywhere. Want to have your workstation booted up and ready for when you walk in the door? Or maybe you forgot to switch it off on the way out?

With smart plugs, these are issues of the past. Not only can this save you time, but it can save you money on energy bills too.

To Conclude

There are all kinds of technology out there that you can use as an SMB or SME owner to make your life easier. Implementing more tech into your day-to-day operations can make your business run more efficiently and cheaper than ever before.

Try it and see how much time, resources, and money you can save by updating your business’s tech for 2022.

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