Some Excellent Tips and Tricks For iPad Mini Users


Dictation Keyboard

Not everyone wants to write those lengthy messages emails some want to do things easily and that can be done with the help of the advanced technological features. Ditch the old style of typing and now switch on to iPad mini’s virtual keyboard. All you need is to dictate what you want to write, and it will appear on the screen. But for this, you need to connect it with a wi-fi network. A microphone button will appear on the bottom line of the virtual keyboard.

How to take a screenshot

The iPad mini will take the screenshot very quickly. Press the power and the home button at the same time and release them together. You will notice a white screen flash. The flash on the screen indicates that the on-screen picture has been save to the image gallery, just like other pictures.

Turn off the keyboard clicks

The keyboard clicks can on apple products is the most annoying feature that you will notice especially when traveling on public transport. You can turn these off by going to settings then sounds.

Connecting to a VPN

If there is a virtual private network available in your area then you can connect to it with your iPad mini. This is how you can do it. Go to settings then click on general then after that click on the VPN and then enter the relevant details. You can also get avast secureline VPN license key from many websites.

Split the keyboard

You can play around smartly with your keyboard and do some clever things. Have you tried splitting the keyboard into two? If you split the keyboard into two then you will be able to use your thumb of both hands and type easily and comfortably.

Sync the Facebook contacts and the events

First, you need to sign in to all your social media networks whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Go to settings and then you will be given an option to import birthdays and events into the calendar app and all the details into contacts.

Setting password in iPad mini

The iPad does not offer many security options but still, you can keep your personal stuff safe by setting a passcode which will ask you to give a four-digit code. To set a passcode you need to go to settings then general and then click on passcode lock. Now, set the desired password which will be easy for you to remember.

You can also make the iPad read for you!

You can enable this feature by going to settings then clicking on general and then go to accessibility. Now scroll down and click on speak selection and click on it to turn it on.

Enable the Emoji Keyboard

There is no fun without the emoji keyboard. It will help you to insert all kinds of fun emoticons and that will include unicorns, tacos and even the nastiest of the facial expressions.

For this, you need to go to settings then click on general then select international and then click on the keyboard. Now, tap on add keyboard and you will find emoji. Now next to the spacebar you will find a little globe icon. Now, you can anytime switch between the emoji keyboard and the normal one according to your need.

Manage storage on your iPad

Because the memory of an iPhone is not expandable therefore you need to take care that something unwanted is not taking up space. When the storage is full you won’t be able to download any application or even take a single picture.

Go to settings then select general now click on iPad storage. Now, within a few seconds iPhone will list the apps that are taking up the storage space.

The screen will also display the usage of the apps and that will give you a clear picture about which app you use the most and which one the least. The one which you use the least is the one that you can also delete and create some storage space for yourself.

Ipads are easily available anywhere and these are not very expensive. But if you find them expensive then you can purchase a refurbished iPad mini online at a very reasonable cost.

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