Summer Weddings: 12 Gorgeous, Inspiring Ideas

Planning wedding ideas for summer can be pure pleasure. Summer is filled with life, color, and energy. Summer is also filled with busy schedules, heat, and competition. Your wedding ideas for summer need to accommodate all of the above. We are here to show you how.

Summer Cocktails

Summer-themed weddings are the perfect excuse for signature summer wedding cocktails. Serving Champaign is a classic choice. However, modern couples are loving the opportunity to create a flavor of their own. Keep things light, seasonal, and on theme with rum, gin, or prosecco paired with fruits such as raspberry, pear, or blackberry.

Welcome Bags

Welcome bags are arguably the most popular outdoor wedding ideas for summer. Why, because they provide your guests with everything they forgot at home. Include sunglasses, parasols, hand fans, bug spray, and sunscreen. A summer wedding could feel like a hassle if all your guests can think about is getting under some shade. Give them the tools to ignore the heat and they’ll be all ears and smiles.

Hydration Station

The last thing you want is for your guests to get drowsy, fainty, or otherwise bored. The key to keeping things energetic is hydration. Select one or more locations to set up a fully stocked hydration station complete with water and other non-alcoholic liquids. Many of your guests have never drank directly from a fresh coconut. Blow their minds with ready-to-drink whole coconuts and straws.

Sand Art

Some brides and grooms have decorations they have in their minds that never see the light of day. Budget and available space often keep ideas from coming to fruition. This problem can be solved by including sand art in your summer wedding decorations plan. Beach weddings offer almost unlimited space and free building materials. Draw your names in the sand, create a logo, or even erect a gorgeous sculpture. Your imagination is the only limit.


Table settings are a great chance to save yourself a little stress during your summer outdoor wedding. There is so much going on elsewhere there is no real need to go overboard with tabletops. Keep your linens light, decorations sparse, and your centerpieces subtle to avoid competing against the gorgeous surroundings. Just make sure to include tents in case of rain.


Summer wedding receptions can offer your guests a little surprise. Renting some typically-inside pieces of furniture is a novel way to provide your guests with some refuge from the hustle and bustle. A lounge, complete with chaise lounges, sofas, and an assortment of chairs and tabletops, will provide a safe space for guests to escape the noise and tend to fussy children.

Considerate Hair

With all of the heat and humidity, tight and perfectly coiffed hairdos will be hard to maintain. Do your guests a favor and dictate hairstyles that are light, low maintenance, and meant to be messy. Boho, braids, and messy buns are all summer wedding friendly choices.


Many couples would love to travel to a destination wedding but find the costs prohibitive and an inconvenience to their guests. Take advantage of the opportunity by bringing the island to you. Luau-style pig roasts and fresh mangos and coconuts are all welcome additions to a wedding feast.


The last course of the evening is another excellent opportunity to dive into your summer wedding party. It can also be an opportunity to save some cash since summer treats are cheap wedding ideas for summer. Elaborate cakes can quickly blow your budget. Ice cream or gelato, on the other hand, is quite inexpensive yet highly satisfying for guests of all ages.

Custom Beach Towels

Custom beach towels are the ideal guest gifts for summer weddings. Embroidering your names or initials along with the wedding date will commemorate the big day. Beach towels will be immediately useful for children brave enough to take a dip while the adults celebrate, and they’ll serve as a sweet reminder when your guests head to the beach for a day of swimming and relaxing.


Flowers are always welcome at a wedding. However, your summer wedding decor ideas should involve an inordinate amount. Yes, feel free to go crazy and place petals wherever you can. A popular choice for outdoor weddings is replacing the archway with a giant wall of flowers to say your vows in front of. This is utterly fantastic for wedding photos and adds a pleasant scent to the air.

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