Will Superhero Movies Manage To Rule the Streaming Era Successfully?

Superhero movies have turned out to be one of the most profitable movie genres in recent times. Through these movies, producers and other stakeholders can make a huge amount of money in no time.

From viewers’ point of view, they can witness alien worlds, inhuman abilities, and bizarre situations that are not possible in their daily routine lives.

Therefore, superhero movies will continue to impress people across all age groups in huge numbers in the coming years. According to howtowatch.co.nz, a popular Kiwi website, various online streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, etc. have included numerous superhero movies in their media content libraries to keep their viewers engaged and entertained.

How Will Superhero Movies Survive The Streaming Era?

As we explained earlier, superhero movies are considered one of the most profitable movie genres. So, there is a strong likelihood that filmmakers will keep creating movies based on this genre in the future.

Besides, there are different factors that make superhero movies successful among viewers of all age groups. These various factors include:

Superhero Origin Stories Are Popular

The best thing about superhero origin stories is that they offer a background to viewers about the creation of their favorite superheroes. For example, Spiderman and Batman are known among their fans for fighting against evil things.

But surprisingly, it was not their life goals initially to combat evil forces to protect mankind. However, there was always an incident that motivated them to become superheroes eventually.

Apart from this, superhero stories give us hope, which is crucial for our survival. As we all know, superheroes are brave, intelligent, and strong that helps them fight against all the notorious elements appropriately.

Besides, they were all ordinary people before turning into superheroes. This point suggests that common people like us can also change their lives in a positive direction.

Similarly, the importance of such origin stories has grown to another extent because there are so many superheroes around. With the passage of time, it has become quite difficult to remember each character in the Marvel and DC universes so, all these stories help viewers remember their superheroes appropriately.

Superhero Movies Are Getting Huge Success Since 2000

As per the report of BBC, movies on the Marvel and DC universes have gained more success and fame since 2000. As far as the Marvel movies are concerned, their success is largely dependent on their different superheroes including Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, etc.

Likewise, the DC Cinematic Universe movies are successful because of their two main characters such as Batman and Superman. Interestingly, this has been a win-win situation for viewers because they have been watching some of the best DC and Marvel movies of all time for the last two decades.

Franchising Is The Main Reason Behind The Success Of Superhero Movies

There is no denying that all popular superhero films have been transformed into successful movie franchises with the passage of time. Surprisingly, seven out of 10 most profitable films were sequels of their previous films in 2014.

This scenario suggests that people love to watch franchise-based films. As they say, familiarity brings success therefore, Hollywood has followed this impressive notion to a great extent.

Moreover, DC and Marvel movies are released in an order to get more viewership and fame. This way, these movies generate more income eventually.

For instance, MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is perceived as the most profitable movie franchise of all time because it has garnered a mammoth total of $17.3 BN worldwide.

Comic-books Are Suitable For All Age Groups

This misconception should be corrected once and for all that comic books are for ‘children only. This is because numerous adult viewers have also been reading comic books for years.

Furthermore, Superhero movies are not a new concept in Hollywood because people have been witnessing them on their screens since the 1970s. Therefore, people who belong to different age groups like Generation X and Millennials have already watched different DC and Marvel movies during their childhood.

This set of target audiences has also played a key role in making various superhero movies successful and financially viable to a certain extent.

Wrapping Things Up

As more superheroes are becoming a part of the silver screen than ever before, the future of Hollywood movies will be dominated by invincible heroes and heroines.

It means these movies will play a huge role in changing the direction of cinemas and online streaming in the coming years. Lastly, we can expect that TV shows and movies based on superheroes will hit the small screen and big screen respectively in the future.

The above situation validates our assumption that superhero movies will continue to rule Hollywood in the next five years. As far as online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Prime Video, etc. are concerned, they will be compelled to produce movies based on superheroes like Batman, Superman, Captain America, Thor, and others in the future too.

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