The Art of Programming in 2022

You make coffee, turn on your computer, and use your headphones. You put on your favorite playlist and open the development environment. You have an idea, something that needs to come out of your mind and run through your fingers as you type. You feel the need to get it out of you and show it to the world, but you don’t do it conventionally. You do it by programming. Programming is an art.

Put Your Heart And Soul Into Your Work

When we start a new project, we are faced with a blank canvas, an empty file that needs to be edited and painted with code. It is the most challenging part but also the most beautiful, laying the foundations of what will be our creation. The process that takes place from the idea to the product is something impressive. Spending sheets making schemes, drawings, logos and giving brushstrokes of classes, methods, loops, and variables to write them on the computer, execute, and see the work. But if you are not in the creative mood to do multiple tasks (which are often quite tricky), you can appeal to, where an expert can do it for you.

Define The Art For Yourself

People tend to have a somewhat pigeonholed concept of art. Usually, art is understood as the exhibition of paintings or sculptures in museums, but art is much more than that; it is anything by which something is expressed, whether with paint, concrete, light, or code. When we visit a museum and look at a painting, we see what the painter has done. When looking at software from an open source project, we can see how it has been developed, from the idea to the product.

Let Creative Thinking Be Your Aid

There is a duality between the engineer and the artist. The ultimate purpose of a painting is to be observed. It has no practical use other than to decorate or to make the observer think. On the other hand, a computer program is intended to solve a problem or need. Perhaps this is why many people do not consider programming an art, but the truth is that creativity is needed during development.

You Are The Creator Of Your Art

When we say that programming is an art, we are referring to the evolution of the project. To escape from everything, get into a bubble that no one can get you out of, and be so focused on typing that you don’t even hear the music coming out of the headphones. You merge with the code, and you create. You don’t paint a canvas; you program and write lots of code. You are hooked to the keyboard. You always carry your laptop in your backpack to nibble even in your free time. Without realizing it, you end up creating a work of art. Some are better than others, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Whether to consider yourself an artist or not is your personal decision. What is evident for sure is that you will be a successful and happy programmer if you enjoy your work.

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