Tips for Choosing the Right Colored Lenses for Your Skin Tone

Colored contact lens is used to change the color of your eyes. It can give you a subtle or a bold look or even a look that is something in between.  Be it an everyday look or a special occasion- your eye color would help to enhance your look and is enough to turn heads out in admiration.  You will get color contact lens with or without lens power. One that comes with lens power is used to correct farsightedness, astigmatism, and nearsightedness.

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Be it a colored contact lens or a contact lens with power, you need a prescription from the doctor to wear them.  You must know that the colored lens is more expensive when compared with the regular lens.

Color Contact Lenses

Here we share some tips for selecting the right colored lens for your skin tone.

However, before we start sharing the tips, we should understand the different kinds of contact lens that are available.

  1. Visibility Tint: This lens comes with a green or light blue tint. This lens does not affect your eye color to a great extent as they are relatively faint.
  2. Enhancement Tint: If your wear lens of this type of tint, it is said, that it enhances the natural color of the eyes.  If you have a light colored eye, wearing this lens with enhancement tint would suit you the best.
  3. Opaque Tint: To change your eye color entirely, wear this non-transparent colored contact lens. If the color of your eyes is dark, wear the opaque tinted lens to make it look lighter. Also, you will get a variety of colors in opaque lens which include violet, blue, hazel, brown, and gray.

The right colored lens that would suit you depends on various factors like your skin tone, the color of your eyes, and hair color.  However, the deciding factor is the look that you would wish to have- dramatic, natural or subtle.

  • Fair Skin: You should consider yourself lucky if you have fair skin as any color contact lens would suit you.  You will look dazzling in shades of blue and grey. Some other colors like purple, aqua, and turquoise will give you a classy look that would definitely make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Tanned Skin: For tanned skin, you should choose bright colored contact lens. Some examples of bright colored lens are hazel, honey, green, or navy.  The bright color will make your eyes look glowly than your tanned complexion.
  • For Dark Color: Depending on the kind of effect that you would like to achieve, you should decide the color of the lens. Use a warm brown for sexy look and smoky colors if you would like to look seductive. For an out-of-the-box look, go for autumn colored lens.
  • Light Colored Eyes: If you have always been fond of natural and subtle look, then lens with an enhancement tint is going to be perfect for you. Apart from defining the edges of your iris, the enhancement tint helps to deepen the natural color of the eyes. If you would long for experimenting with your look however you do not want your natural look to go away, then it is recommended to go for gray or green colored lens in case if the natural eye look that you have is blue. Do you want to be noticed by everybody and grab the attention of every passer-by?  Bring an instant change to your look by wearing a warm-toned lens like light brown. It is going to make you look dramatic and attractive. You can get your preferred contact lens from
  • Dark Colored Eyes: If the colors of your eyes are dark, then go for the opaque tinted lens. As an alternative, you may wear hazel colored lens or lighter honey brown and notice the difference in look by yourself.  Feel like standing out from the crowd and making your own style statement. Then you may go for different color options like green, violet, and blue.

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Now that you know what color contact lens to go for depending on the skin tone,  go ahead and place the order today!

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