Easy Tips for Dummies How to Bypass any Blockage

Internet is considered a platform that anyone can use. It is a synonym for freedom of speech and access to any information that you need. However, everything is not as it seems at first glance, and you probably already know that some websites may be blocked. That is why there are so many people searching for a way to bypass blocked sites.

Before we share the best tips, let us discuss what types of restrictions exist. The most common is blocking a website to people from a particular country. For example, a British gambling site accepts players only from the UK.

Another case is when governments limit access to particular platforms. For instance, in China and Turkey, you won’t be able to use Facebook or other social media. Schools and colleges may also block social media and gambling websites. Finally, companies may restrict certain websites so that their employees wouldn’t distract from work.

But the Internet was initially created for everyone, so there’s something wrong with the fact that not everyone can use the information freely. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to unblock any website, and we will tell you how to download the necessary tools in a matter of seconds. For example, VeePN apps. They have a free trial and are completely safe. They work online and don’t occupy any space. But there are other measures apart from the VPN, and we will gladly tell you about them in this guide.

How access is restricted, and websites are blocked

Before we explain how to unblock any website, let’s discuss how the blockage takes place. There are two most common ways:

– By IP address tracking. The IP address is a source of valuable information that tells other users about your location, browsing history and habits, activity, and other important details. This address is given by the Internet provider, and when changing the IP, it becomes impossible to track what you are doing online and where you are located;

– Blacklist websites. There are restricted websites which users can’t have access to due to location or other criteria. Once the network administrator gets a signal that you are trying to enter one of the blacklisted platforms, you are immediately blocked.

Now you have the necessary background information, and it’s the right time to discuss the ways to bypass blocked websites.


The first tool to unblock any websites that we are going to discuss is Proxy. Proxy servers are gateways between a user and the Internet. Basically, it separates you from the website of your interest and is responsible for data transition and connections. To access a restricted website via Proxy, enter its website, type the required website in the bar, and press ‘Visit.’

The biggest disadvantage of this method is that it doesn’t provide an end-to-end encrypted connection, which may lead to data losses.


Another way to unblock a website of your choice is a Virtual Private Network or simply VPN. In our opinion, it’s one of the best inventions of mankind and students will definitely agree. It is very easy to use a VPN because you only need to download the app and choose a location.

VPN masks IP, and you get a completely new address. Other advantages of virtual private networks are complete anonymity, full privacy, simplicity of use, 24/7 availability, end-to-end encryption, and compatibility with all sorts of devices.


A less popular measure of how to unblock a website is Tor. Due to a decentralized structure, it is able to mask your location and ensure the safety of data. However, to access the chosen website, Tor must go through numerous nods, so the process might be rather time-consuming.

SSH Tunnel

The next approach to unblock any websites is an SSH (Secure Shell) Tunnel. In many ways, it operates the same as the VPN and allows information to transition via a tunnel. However, to know how to use it, you should possess specific knowledge of different instruments and technologies.

That is why SSH tunnels are usually set by technical experts. When using this method, it’s possible to redirect the website’s traffic to another connection. Such an approach significantly contributes to the encryption of data and its security. The SSH tunnel can bypass any filter, but the price to pay is rather high – it’s very slow.

Change the DNS Server

In some cases, Proxy or Tor is not enough to conduct a wifi block bypass because the protection is ensured by the DNS server. Such situations often take place at educational institutions. For example, the whole school can’t visit a particular website that is using the DNS system.

When it happens, change the server. There are numerous online guidelines on how to switch to the Google Public DNS, and the process won’t take long.


Now you have all the necessary information on how to unblock any website and are aware of different methods and approaches. After discussing them in detail, it’s easy to notice that VPN is the best option because it has a range of advantages; it is fast, secure, and convenient even for beginners.

We hope that this guide was helpful, and from now on, you’ll be able to access any website without any restrictions.



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