Food Guide: Top 5 Authentic Mexican Foods That You Must Try

People exchange various food delicacies by introducing their culture to the world. It is incredible how individuals from different parts of the globe influence interests in lifestyles. Moreover, social media plays a vital role in disseminating the traditional and cultural aspects of a country. People share trending food vlogs, or Mukbang, as Korean and Generation Z called it. Among these popular foods is Mexican food, which has won the hearts of numerous people since the beginning.

When people think of “Mexican food,” they always imagine various unique flavors, intense spices, and colorful food servings. Mexican delicacies like burritos, tacos, guacamole, and salsas have become top-notch worldwide. However, there are many interesting foods and Mexican drinks that you probably didn’t know about yet. You don’t need to worry because this article listed the top five Mexican foods worth trying. So, check it out and give it a shot!

1. Mole Poblano

You will be amazed that you can use chocolate as a dressing on roasted chicken with this dish. Mexicans call this dish a “spicy chocolate sauce.” Mole is a rich, complex sauce made of spices and dried chilies. The most common way to use mole is as a meat dressing, and it is traditionally served as a sauce over poached or roasted meats.

Moreover, Mole Poblano is a dark ebony color, and its rich flavor comes from sugar and cacao, but you can substitute a bar of Mexican chocolate for simplicity. It is one of the most complicated moles, with some recipes containing up to 20 ingredients. Mulato peppers, which have a smoldering heat and a chocolatey color, nuts, onions, garlic, avocado leaf, stale tortillas, and sesame seeds are also included. Traditionally, this mole is served with poached or roasted turkey.

2. Elote a.k.a Mexican Street Corn Cob

Corn lovers will love this Mexican food, as this is not an ordinary way to eat corn. What a treat and ideal for any barbecue spread or as a summer snack. On nearly every city street corner in Mexico, you’ll find someone selling Elote, the Mexican name for corn on the cob. The corn is traditionally boiled and served on a stick or in cups, with the kernels cut off the cob. Salt, chili powder, lime, butter, cheese, mayonnaise, and sour cream are then sprinkled on top.

Mexicans have this dish in their backyard cook-out, recreating the famous street grilled corn on the cob but with a tangy, creamy sauce sprinkled with crumbled cheese.

3. Taquitos

Taquitos are Mexican food with a small rolled-up tortilla with fillings such as beef, cheese, or chicken. The filled tortilla is then crisp-fried or deep-fried, and sour cream and guacamole are popular toppings for this dish. This dish is typically made with corn tortillas in Mexico.

Taquitos and enchiladas rolled to hold their flavorful fillings and almost look the same. However, the difference is that an enchilada is oven-baked and has chili sauce and cheese on top, while a taquito is smaller, deep-fried, and served without a sauce.

4. Enchiladas

Taquitos are topped with red chili sauce and cheese and baked until the cheese is completely melted. Tadah! You have just made enchiladas. Enchiladas are a “juicier” alternative to taquitos.

An enchilada is a corn tortilla rolled around a filling and topped with a savory sauce. You can fill this dish with meats, cheese, beans, potatoes, veggies, or combinations. Enchilada sauces include chili-based sauces like salsa roja, various moles, and cheese-based sauces like chile con queso. You can recreate this dish, even if you’re not in Mexico. These are a huge hit at most potlucks.

5. The Beef Molcajete with Veggies

Molcajete has been used by pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican cultures such as the Aztec and Maya for thousands of years. It is typically round in shape, supported by three short legs, and is traditionally carved from a single block of vesicular basalt. A molcajete is a Pre-hispanic Food Processor, a large volcanic stone mortar and pestle used to prepare Mexican food, particularly salsas.

Moreover, this next top-notch Mexican dish is a crowd favorite. A molcajete is a bowl of steaming vegetables and meat, sometimes a stew. This beef molcajete is served with plenty of warm tortillas, rice, and beans and is ideal for summer entertaining. Due to the extreme temperature of this dish, tourists are advised not to consume it on a hot day unless they are in cold temperature rooms.

Final Thoughts

Mexicans proudly present their culture and heritage by introducing their authentic dishes. People learned about these foods and passed them through different generations, exploring different kinds of meals that families could enjoy. Furthermore, Mexican foods are popular with their flavorful dishes, and colorful spices are commonly seen in fiestas and barrios. It is typically served in restaurants, streets, and home gatherings, but still, recognizes and honors its origin.

Thank you so much for reading until the end, and we hope this article has helped you. Go and grab your favorite authentic Mexican food today! To know more about exciting food guides, you can visit Recipe.Net.

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