How to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free in 2021

Technologies have undergone significant changes for many years. Gone were the days when people had to steal phones to keep track of their loved ones. Nowadays, one can easily track cell phones anywhere in the world. For this purpose, various applications are launched in the market. Several mobile tracker apps even provide you with real-time updates of the targeted phone.

These are called spying apps. Let’s understand what spying apps are before jumping directly to the best tracking tool available in the market.

Definition of Spying App

Mobile Spy Apps or Spyware Apps are cell phone monitoring applications. These kinds of applications assist you with the tracking target device for active calls, SMS, and locations. These applications are covered up and invisible to the target. This software also tracks GPS location, browsing history, and messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and so forth.

Let’s begin to understand how you can track a phone location for free by using various methods that are reliable, effective, and easy.

Features of Spying Apps

There are vital highlights on Android and iOS where one can follow the gadgets in close to ongoings and geofencing- all using program-based interfaces:

Track Location

You’ll have the option to follow areas progressively. All locations show up like pins on a virtual guide. Another pin shows up each time the target device is enlisted at another area.

Access an Area Log

There’s an area log that monitors significant subtleties. You can discover area addresses, which incorporate road names, neighborhood data, and the city. Likewise, you can utilize geological directions.

Use Google Maps

Apps additionally coordinate with Google Maps. You can utilize Google Map highlights for included data in any area and 3D Street View for a very close glance at any area.

Spyic – The Best App for Tracking Location

Spyic is a fantastic versatile tracker application. It is outstanding amongst other telephone tracker applications of 2021. It helps track messaging applications and permits admittance to a few web-based media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Tiktok, and substantially more.


It is easy and has a fast establishment, and has a brilliant help administration. It assists you with monitoring all that goes on the gadget. It monitors all photographs saved, messages, and even video screen captures. You will get ongoing updates of all that occurs on the updates. It gets refreshed like clockwork.

Spyic will give your ongoing updates consequently. It will likewise refresh information reports at regular intervals to understand what your objective is doing.

Following applications likewise, guarantee your friends and family in a protected spot, and an ordinary following can guarantee you are constantly educated about their whereabouts. It is quick to introduce and requires just 10 minutes.

It gains admittance to a movement via online media stages. It gives fundamental ongoing updates and alarms you if there should be an occurrence of a crisis.

To utilize the application appropriately, you will initially have to enroll and get to the checking gadget.

There are a few highlights of this application.

  • Call History

With the call history application, you can see all approaching, active, missed, and erased calls. You can check call lengths, timestamps, and, surprisingly, the recurrence of calls made.

  • Contact list

It assists you with reviewing all the telephone directory sections on the objective telephone. You can monitor individuals being added to contacts and the contacts being erased from the telephone.

To get to this, you should log in to the dashboard. Here you will track down every one of the tabs with principal segments. It helps gather data from all of the contacts and their most recent updates.

  • Text messages

You can track sent and received messages on the objective’s phone and monitor their contacts and group of friends. You can see all the instant messages on the web and even recover deleted messages and contacts.

  • GPS Location tracker

GPS location is a trademark highlight of Spyic. You can decide on each subsequent location and keep an eye. You can likewise utilize geofencing to make an advanced boundary and even find stolen and lost devices.

  • Geo-fencing

This program permits us to assign the specific regions and areas on the map, so the covert operative application will advise the client at whatever point the objective enters or leaves that particular region.

Moreover, clients can keep an eye on how frequently a particular spot has been visited. Spyic shows the objective’s continuous and past developments on its dashboard. This component is of much value since it informs clients as to whether any restricted spot has been visited or not.

  • Key-logger

This is another valuable component for seeing what this software comprises. The keylogger includes tracks of keystrokes made on the objective telephone. This incorporates their instant messages, web-based media applications messages, and email messages without the objective thinking about it.

This is another useful component for spying in light of the fact that the keylogger will show all of the data composed on the objective Android telephone.

How to Install Spyic?

Spyic cell phone tracker is an extraordinary application that is viable with Android and iOS gadgets. It is effectively available from all browsers. Moreover, you likewise get free online assistance for simple establishment.

Follow these simple steps and get the location of any phone in practically no time:

Step 1: Launch Spyic in your web browser and get a membership plan for the target device (iOS or Android). The plans are modest to the point that you will essentially think that it’s free for the highlights they offer.

Step 2: Follow the simple arrangement wizard on the screen. It will prompt you through the simple setup measure.

Step 3:

  • For the iOS target telephone, check the iCloud accreditations of the objective gadget. Select the gadget related to that iCloud record of which you wish to see the reinforcement.
  • For Android target telephone, download and introduce the application from the connection referenced in the arrangement wizard.

Step 4: Give the framework a couple of moments to adjust the information.

Step 5: Hit ‘Start,’ and you are generally prepared to track the position. You will be taken to the Spyic dashboard.


Versatile trackers are altogether protected. It is not difficult to utilize and bothered to utilize. It is additionally legitimate to utilize, and you can screen your friends and family and their area.

You can guarantee they are in a protected place and even keep away from hazardous circumstances. It is additionally protected to utilize, and you can get constant updates. The application is liberated from bugs and malware and implies no danger.

Furthermore, Spyic is a cell phone tracking application that you can use proficiently to track any phone furtively. Moreover, you can even view other information about the gadget like its photographs, recordings, applications, talks, thus significantly more. To start tracking someone’s location, sign up for the free demo now!

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