WordPress vs. Static HTML – Key Differences and Considerations

If you think about building a website, you should consider all the options in the industry. By this, we mean to learn more about how to build a website, what you need, possible web hosts, what website builder will help you the most, and many more things if you want to have the perfect site. 

Learn the differences between having a WordPress site and a Static HTML one. Let’s dive into details!

What Is WordPress?

You can host and create websites with WordPress, a content management system (CMS) used by hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. This software enables you to create, manage, and alter material on a website without having to work directly with the code. You can simply input your material using the WordPress builder, and WordPress will take care of publishing it on your site, as opposed to having to manually add it and structure it using HTML as you would for a static HTML page. 

WordPress has a template system and a plugin architecture that allow you to personalize any website to meet your company, blog, portfolio, or online shop. What’s more, if you ever wish to switch, you can convert WordPress data to HTML; to learn how we recommend you read the article.

Pros of Using WordPress

WordPress is one of the best platforms for building your website from scratch, so that’s why there are many pros to using it. 

  • CMS
  • Flexible and easy-to-use
  • It uses PHP, but it still converts the data to HTML 
  • Fast-loading websites
  • Customizable
  • Beginner-friendly
  • You can make a complex edit in a few straightforward steps
  • Relatively affordable (the only extra costs will be for particular themes, adding plugins, and other extra tools and features)
  • Better SEO accessible sites
  • Built for all kinds of websites
  • Hundreds of business templates
  • One-click installs
  • Access to all underlying code
  • Time-saving
  • Code-free experience

Cons of Using WordPress

Besides the amazing things you will read about this company, there are also some minor drawbacks.

  • You need many plugins
  • Vulnerable websites
  • The site can easily overwhelm
  • Frequent manual updates

When to Choose WordPress?

If your business constantly changes and you need to make frequent edits and alterations to the look, the content, or the features of your web page, then it is a fantastic idea to go for WordPress. Furthermore, you should also keep in mind that WordPress is more beginner-friendly, so if you don’t have any coding experience, you should definitely choose this platform.

What Is Static HTML?

An HTML-coded static web page has the same appearance and data regardless of the user’s identification or other variables. Dynamic web pages might include content that is configurable based on a user’s identification or other criteria. Due to this, you might find them more difficult to code and put together than static websites. Designers frequently combine text and images under the control of HTML tags to create visualizations that resemble newspaper pages. Although it contains typography and structure, it does not adapt to different loads. Since any customized or dynamic material must be directly coded into the HTML file, they are impractical to operate since any site-wide modifications must be made within each HTML page. Therefore, it would require a significant amount of effort and time to maintain a big web page.

Pros of Using Static HTML Website

Static HTML websites are quite different from WordPress ones, but they still have their pros. 

  • Frequent automatic software updates
  • Easier access to the underlying code
  • Better for developers
  • More secure
  • Better loading speed
  • You can develop it quickly
  • Cheap to develop
  • Fast data transferring
  • Easy to maintain your site

Cons of Using Static HTML Website

People have different experiences when they develop their websites, but we can’t say that Static HTML pages don’t have drawbacks. 

  • Require coding
  • Not so flexible
  • Not for a long run
  • Limited features

When to Use Static HTML?

Static HTML websites are most suitable for knowledgable and experienced developers that have coding knowledge. However, these websites are best for businesses that you know won’t change for a while, as they don’t allow frequent and easy changes to the content that is published. Another crucial thing is that Static HTML sites come with a higher level of security, so if you have more valuable data or personal information, consider developing your site as a Static HTML one. 

The Bottom Line

Both WordPress and Static HTML come with their advantages and disadvantages, but as you can see above, where we provided their key differences and pros and cons, there are different situations in which these two ways of developing your website can be used. 

The most important thing is that no matter which way of developing your website you will choose, you will still boost your small business. We hope that we will help you make the right decision! 

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