Adorable Pet Emojis And The Meanings Behind Them

When using emojis, you can express your feeling using it since it can have various meanings behind it. It only depends on how you use them. Aside from the standard smiley emojis, the emoji collection also has emojis for your adorable pets, but you have to be careful when using them.

Some of these pet emojis have a definite meaning behind them, but they can also have a negative behind it. When using these emojis, it can lead to misunderstandings. These are some of the pet emojis you can use and the meanings behind them:

Dog Face Emoji

The dog emoji features a cute icon of a dog’s face. However, it can also have other meanings behind it. It can express a similar attitude or mood of a dog, which means the sender or user of this emoji wants to submit. It can also mean that a person is eager or ready to be obedient.

It can also mean that “I will be loyal to you” or that the person behaves like a dog. Usually, a dog can be clumsy or too hyper. It can also mean that person is acting “wild” or “aggressive.”

Dog Emoji

This emoji depicts the full body of the dog instead of just the face. Its meaning can be similar to the previous emoji. It can symbolize faithfulness to a person or an object or merely signify your dog.

Cat Face Emoji

This emoji displays a typical yellow cat that has an innocent face. Some people use it to express innocence or happiness or just simply to add it to your text randomly. It can also be an emoji to include when you’re posting a photo of your cat. Its color does not have a specific behind it.

Cat Emoji

This cat emoji is the body emoji of a cat, and it can have the same description or symbol with the cat face emoji, which was previously mentioned. It can also portray a person who is acting like a cat. A cat is commonly known to be sneaky and silent. Cat emoji can also mean that someone is misbehaving or being naughty.

Hamster Face Emoji 

The meaning of this hamster face emoji can be a symbol of being adorable or merely the face of a rodent. It can also be associated with objects or persons that are small or tiny or someone or something that looks like a stuffed toy or a plushie.

Poodle Emoji

This poodle emoji is just another dog emoji, but this one is with a breed. It can be a symbol for your poodle pet, or a symbol for something or someone that is fluffy since the features of a poodle are “fluffy” because of its thick hair.

Rabbit Face Emoji

This rabbit face emoji is depicted as a white or grey rabbit, and it can have no meaning behind it. It can just literally be a picture of a rabbit. People who are posting this emoji may also have a rabbit photo included. It could mean that a person looks like a rabbit.

The rabbit’s face can look fluffy. A characteristic feature of a rabbit is that it has two large front teeth. It could also have a sexual meaning behind it. It is also commonly used during Easter as the “easter bunny face” associated with an egg or an “easter egg.”

Rabbit Emoji

Just like the previously mentioned emoji, which is the rabbit face emoji, rabbit emoji can have the same meaning behind it. It can be used with various purposes behind it or just to simply portray a rabbit.

Hedgehog Emoji

This emoji has no particular meaning behind it, and it can just mean an actual hedgehog. You can use this emoji and incorporate it with your post, which has a photo of your adorable and spiky hedgehog.

Bird Emoji

This bird emoji depicts a bird that is looking to the left. This emoji can have no particular meaning behind it. You can incorporate this emoji with the post with a connection with this emoji, or you can simply add this emoji randomly even if they do not associate with this emoji.

Parrot Emoji

Another specific bird emoji is this parrot emoji. It can also have no particular meaning, or it can also symbolize something or someone with similar characteristics of a parrot. A parrot can be noisy and annoying. It can also portray a person who is extremely talkative and won’t leave you alone for a second.

Mouse Face Emoji

This mouse face emoji can either have a positive, negative, or a neutral behind it. The positive meaning is that you can use this to portray a person or object that is small, adorable, and cute. You can incorporate this emoji to post something sweet, or to send this to someone cute as a mouse.

The negative meaning of this emoji can be a person who is shy or annoying or acting like a “pest.” The neutral purpose is that it can merely portray a mouse, and it could have no particular meaning behind it.

Mouse Emoji

This mouse emoji can have the same meaning as the mouse face emoji since it is the same animal, but with a different angle. It can be confused with the mouse device that is used for computers and laptops.

Rat Emoji

Unlike the mouse emoji with white or grey color, this rat emoji is a darker and hairy creature. This animal is commonly associated with “pests.” It can mean the person is dirty as a rat or only just a “pest.”

It can mean that the person talks too much negatively and “rats out” secrets from other people, and could imply that the person is untrustworthy. There isn’t any known positive meaning behind this emoji.

Know your animal emojis

Emojis have various meanings behind it: it can be positive, negative, or simply just literally nothing or just random. It all depends on how the person uses it or how a person expresses using the emojis. Of course, we all have to be careful when sending emojis, since the recipient can misinterpret it.


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