What Is M2M SIM Card Technology

What Is An M2M Sim Card?

M2M, an abbreviation of Machine to Machine, refers to the direct exchange of information between two devices. This communication can be through a wired or wireless communication channel but is without the need for human intervention.

An M2M sim card allows the exchange of information among devices and sensors or “objects.” The tool requires an interactive protocol that can be used to send and receive data. Like the standard mobile phone SIM card, you can insert the M2M sim into a device, which is then configured with the organization’s server. From the server, you can then monitor your data and manage all your SIMs.

Differences Between an M2M Sim Card and Standard SIMs.

The mobile phone Sim cards are very common; people tend to think of them when SIM cards are mentioned. Although both mobile phone SIM cards and M2M cards expedite the exchange of information, they are quite different from each other.

  • Durability:

M2M SIMs are more durable than mobile SIM cards depending on their form factor. They can last for years even in harsh environments, and some M2M SIMs can cope with extreme temperatures from -400C to 1500C

  • Remote management: 

Standard SIMs keep a device connected to a network, stores information, and allow the exchange of information. However, the M2M SIM can be activated, controlled, and monitored end masse, depending on the management platform you choose.

  • Data plan to support: 

All M2M SIMs added to an IoT network will help you increase your project’s data and maintain an affordable and cost-effective IoT connection.

  • IP addresses: 

M2M SIM cards can have a fixed IP address. This makes it possible to be accessed reliably, easily, and securely from a remote location.

When to use M2M Sim cards

Machine to Machine communication is used for a variety of functions which include:

1. Remote monitoring: 

M2M SIM cards are regularly used in the security and assurance industry for CCTC cameras. By using a single network in the connection, you will have the records of the M2M SIM cards. It gives you authority over your network, as you can manage your records and screen your associated objects.

2. Smart Metering:

Electrical companies use smart meters to measure power generation and consumption. Smart meters can now systematically extract energy from one area and send it to another area or city. M2M is widely used in smart meters using fixed and wireless networks.

3. Security:

Although most alarms use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, businesses still need an extra layer of security. M2M SIM cards are not associated with one access point, do not require a WIFI connection, and do not need to be located at a certain distance from the router. Making it a secured option for local security systems and 24-hour alarms.

4. E-health:

The need for home check-ups is ever increasing. There is an increase in the diagnosis of illnesses such as diabetes, heart diseases, kidney ailments, etc., and the need for special attention for older people. Portable devices are needed to keep track of patient health away from the hospital and clinics. The device monitors the patient’s vital signs, while the M2M SIM communicates the data incessantly to the dedicated telemedicine server.

5. Manufacturing:

Our vehicles, metro, and mechanical frameworks resource base are regularly checked and kept up using complete work cycles during production. M2M technology allows for a more practical self-governing strategy to help with distant checking and preventive support.

6. Automated system:

Automated systems in a building are another area where M2M sim cards can make energy efficiency improvements. It is safe to say that people in offices, cities, hotels are university campuses are less inclined to conserve energy partly due to their busy schedule and partly due to their ignorance.

However, automated systems using M2M automation can play a key role in keeping our cities safe. Video monitoring systems, secure access systems, magazine scanning are ways automated systems secure our buildings.

M2M SIM security

Everything connected to public space is vulnerable to hacks and cyberattacks, IoT devices more so. The security of your M2M Sim cards depends on your provider. VPNs and APNs are two critical ways to protect your IoT network.

  • APN (Access Point Network)

Using the APN starts with the M2M SIM. Any device that wants to connect to the APN network must have a preprogrammed Sim card. Hence, no one can access your IoT devices unless through your network APN. In addition, a private Access Point Network shows that you can only use this network for another device, discouraging network congestion.

  • VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

A VPN protects a device’s data and connection from external access on the internet. The most secure VPN is the IPsec, which is available on the right management platform. When your IoT device uses IPsec VPN, it shows that all connected devices are trusted, and transferred data are secure. Furthermore, all shared information is encrypted and protected from threats.

Why not Freeeway?

Freeeway is a highly specialized M2M connectivity service provider for the IoT industry and all connected devices. They provide both secure and durable connections for data exchange and offer managed services to enable companies to be successful in the connected world.

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