Apple TV vs. Fire Stick vs. Roku: Who Wins?

Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Roku are all top contenders in the streaming devices market, but does any of the three have that edge that pushes them just above the others?

It can be a tough market for companies offering streaming services, especially with the top contenders holding so tight to their spots. But, the tough market means the viewers get diversity and options as every company finds ways to make their connected TV devices as innovative and unique as possible. Gone are those days when there were just one or two streaming options available, now there are countless options with different packages and capabilities.

But the many available options also mean that choosing one out of the lot can be daunting. This is exactly why we have put together this guide to help you select the streaming services that best suit your needs. That being said, these streaming services have a lot of similarities in what they offer viewers, but some major differences could be the reason why you choose an Apple TV over a Fire Stick or a Roku TV over an Apple TV.

Apple TV 

Apple is known for its ultra-sleek, modern products, so it comes as no surprise that the Apple TV 4K is the most expensive of the bunch. This device from the tech giants themselves is just as sleek and polished as every other gadget the company offers. Apple TV beats the competition in terms of an extensive catalog of streaming services, ethernet connectivity, and spatial audio.

Amazon Fire TV 

On the other hand, if you are unwilling to part with that much money, the Amazon Fire TV is probably the best option for you. The device is a nifty little stick you can slide behind your TV screen, but don’t be fooled by its friendlier price tag; Fire Stick outperforms a majority of its counterparts in terms of quality videos and DOLBY Atmos Support. One wouldn’t be too far off calling the Fire Stick a match for the Apple TV box. To make things even better, you can install Apple TV on Firestick so that you don’t miss out on any good content.

Roku TV 

Roku is a streaming service that allows you to watch thousands of programs from different networks. All you need to get your Roku TV up and running are a stable internet connection, and one of the Roku devices: a Roku streaming media box, a Roku stick, or a Roku TV. Roku providers have been around since 2008, making them one of the pioneers in the streaming video industry. What makes Roku all the more appealing to users is its complete flexibility with content viewers can access on the platform and its user-friendliness.

Easiest Setup 

For people who are using streaming services for the first time or find it difficult to know their way around technology, they might be better off using one that is easier to set up.

That being said, all three of the streaming services we are looking at today are pretty easy to set up; Roku requires you to connect your device to the web with a code on the screen, while Amazon and Apple can connect to the internet without registration.

All three services have different ports and cords attached to them, but they share one cord in common – the HDMI cable. The HDMI cable means that you can hook up these players to your television with the HDMI port. Also, these players all require high-speed internet or a good Wi-Fi signal if you want to enjoy high-quality 4k videos.

While none of the players are particularly hard to set up, the Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick might be a better option for first-time users.


Setup for all the streaming devices is fairly easy, but what about the interface? We would say that among the three, Roku has the most intuitive interface because everything is easy to find on the streaming platform and relatively user-friendly. You don’t have to scour the entire app searching for what you want; the home page pretty much has everything, and it’s also not the most difficult tasking finding something interesting to watch.

Amazon Fire devices also have a fairly user-friendly interface, but the accessibility you will experience mostly depends on the Amazon Prime package you have subscribed to. Amazon Prime subscribers enjoy recommendations for films and TV shows to watch on the home screen with additional purchase options.

Apple TV, on the other hand, integrates the other Apple apps like music streaming services, games, productivity apps, and others to make a great, easy-to-find selection of entertainment options. Apple TV is for you if you prefer an interface that is flashier with a colorful aesthetic.

Best Overall Content 

The good news is that there is something for everyone on each of the three subscription services; that’s why there are options, if one doesn’t serve you right, you can switch to the next one. However, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Roku TV all support YouTube and Netflix, which are the major video streaming platforms, as well as native Amazon Prime Video apps.

Apple TV takes it one step further by offering viewers the chance to stream content from any iOS device; this is a convenient little feature if you’re loyal to the Apple brand and have a lot of their devices. Apple TV Plus also offers high-end services including a premium viewing experience without streaming ads.

Amazon and Roku, on the other hand, might not have the iOS software on their side, but they do have this nifty little thing called the universal search that allows users to perform a search to find the best streaming services offering the TV show or movie.

When it comes to streaming 4K content, all three platforms offer 4k versions of their devices; Apple 4K TV, Roku Premiere+, Roku Ultra, and Amazon Fire TV Cube all offer HDR and 4K streaming. However, Roku does have an advantage in the fact that it shows all available 4K content together in a section dedicated to 4K.

What’s Perfect for You? 

By the details we have given on these three streamers, you should know the differences between them and which one offers the services that you need. Amazon Fire TV Stick is the perfect option for smart home adopters, especially with Amazon’s built-in artificial intelligence, Alexa. Apple TV is for the people loyal to the Apple brand, and while it is the most expensive among the three, it does have potential as Apple constantly updates its services. Lastly, Roku is an all-rounder in terms of streaming services and is a crowd-favorite for people who want an easy-to-use yet effective device.

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