How to Choose the Correct Barcode Scanner

Do you need help deciding which barcode scanner is right for you? It can be challenging to choose the barcode scanner for your warehouse. This is especially true with today’s fast-changing number of smart gadgets.

First, let’s talk about the basics. Let’s have a look at the various barcode scanners on the market. You can refine your search based on your specific needs after you understand the types and capabilities available.

Types of Barcode Readers

The type of scan engine a scanner has is one of the most important factors when choosing a scanner. This is ultimately defined by the shape of barcodes to be read.

Wireless Scanners

A wireless barcode scanner saves data in the database. However, they send their data in real-time to a back-end system. Wireless scanners are the most productive for workers. At the same time, having fast access to your data is a huge plus.

Fixed Scanners

Fixed barcode scanners are linked to a terminal and transmit data as a single barcode is scanned, which is common in retail environments at the point of sale. These scanners are also known as “tethered” scanners.

Portable Batch Scanners

Data is stored in portable batch scanners and then transferred to a host computer. They are powered by batteries and offer them greater mobility than a fixed scanner. An LCD monitor and a keyboard are also included in portable batch scanners. This enables users to carry out actions directly from the device. Handheld, wearable, and truck-mounted batch scanners are available.

Some Tips to Choose the Right Barcode Scanner

Think About Your Flooring

Did you know that the most common cause of damage to mobile computers is dropping? As a result, the warehouse flooring is a significant concern. Rugged or general-purpose barcode scanners are available. Rugged devices can resist extreme circumstances. Will your phone land on a soft surface like carpet or a hard one like concrete if you drop it? If you have hard flooring, look for a handheld computer with a tough rating.

Think About Air Quality

Does your warehouse have a lot of dust? What about sawdust or other microscopic particles? Would you mind checking the IP rating of any model you are considering if your answer is yes? This is also the situation if a handheld scanner is accidentally dumped in the water. Look for an IP rating of at least 68 to increase your device’s chances of surviving these elements.

What Are Your Lighting Conditions?

Do you work in low light storage or an atmosphere full of light? In a low-light scenario, You should reduce your barcode scanner’s brightness. If you plan to use the device in direct sunshine or a bright warehouse, you’ll need a higher brightness level.

Ask your seller for a demo in those lighting conditions, such as they are in your warehouse. You’ll want to make sure the barcode scan appropriately in your environment.

What Are The User’s Keyboard Requirements?

If employees type numbers, you can find a barcode reader with the proper number location. If the user is frequently wearing gloves when typing on the unit, bigger keys are required. Consider anything else that may have an impact on the size or location of keys for device users.

What Kinds Of Barcodes Will You Be Scanning?

Consider the code type and scanning distance if you need to scan barcodes. 2D imaging is suitable for all types of barcode scanning. Linear barcode scanner engines are only ideal for 1D barcodes.

If you need to scan from a great distance, search for a unit that has Advanced Long Range or Extended Range capability. These scanners can read laser or 2D barcodes from 45 to 50 feet away.

The subject of how to choose the correct barcode scanner for you can be complex. Consider the five items listed above, and you’ll be well on your way to making a perfect choice.

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