What Is The Best Free Anime Website And Why?

This is arguably the most asked question among anime fans. As free sites come and go, we have to continuously look for new safe, and good-quality sites for a backup list, therefore, this question will never grow old.

Are you happy with your current free anime site? Can you watch your favorite anime on the site without any worries? Is your streaming there smooth and hassle-free? Is it really free or you often are asked to upgrade your membership for better content and features? Is it ad-free without any ads, pop-ups, or commercials? If you say Yes to all of the questions, congratulations, you have found the best site for free anime streaming. But if you say No to any of them, be introduced to 9Anime, the one and only site that will help you change that No to Yes!

What is 9Anime?

Created in 2016, 9Anime has always been one of the best sites for free anime streaming thanks to its excellent content library and features. Now, with the newly-added ad-free feature, the site is hands down the best site to watch and download anime online in HD quality with both English subs and dubs. 9Anime is not only free and safe, but it also provides us with a seamless streaming experience and other privileges that normally only paid users can have access to.

Is It Illegal To Use 9Anime?

As a pirated site, 9anime is not legal. However, as a user only, we will not be subject to criminal or civil charges if all we do is watch anime online on 9Anime. However, if you download or share pirated files, you might have trouble with copyright authorities. For your safety, you should stay online on 9Anime. But if you need to download videos to watch offline later, do not forget to use a reliable VPN to leave no trace behind.

Is 9Anime Safe?

“Is it safe to use?” is always one of the most common questions when we search for a free anime site. As free sites do not ask for any payment from users, they need to seek income from selling ads. Although most ads are safe, we never know which ones are not. It takes only a wrong click on unwanted ads to cause serious troubles to our device and identity. Therefore, for your complete safety, given the chance, you should always choose an ad-free site. With no ads, pop-ups, and commercials, 9Anime cannot pose any risk.

With the no registration policy, 9Anime does not require any private information from users such as email address, full name, or even credit card details. Therefore, you can rest assured your identity is kept safe on the site as there will be no information leakage.

Is 9Anime.vc Down?

In case you cannot access 9Anime, you can visit the site https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ to check 9Anime’s status. Or you can also follow 9Anime on their SNS accounts to get the latest news.

Why Is 9Anime The Best Site To Watch Anime Online in 2022?

Because 9Anime is the safest anime site that provides us with an extensive content library and premium quality features at no cost. You should watch anime online on 9Anime to avoid all risks and have a completely untroubled watching experience. If you are not 100% convinced, check out this list of the site’s features and be your own judge:

– Extensive content library: With thousands of titles from all genres and subgenres, 9Anime can provide you with whatever kind of anime you are in the mood for. You can even find here titles that are not available on national TV channels or adult content (hentai).

– HD Resolution: You can watch your favorite anime in the best resolution possible on 9Anime. All videos play automatically in 720p; however, if your Internet connection is not stable, you can adjust the video quality to have a better and smoother watching experience.

– Seamless streaming experience: You will not be bothered by any lagging, buffering, redirects, or pop-ups while streaming anime on 9Anime thanks to the site’s fast load times, zero ads, and seamless streaming feature.

– Daily database updates: 9Anime updates their database daily with new content including requested titles and shows that are no longer current but still worth watching. New episodes are also updated immediately after they are officially released.

– Friendly user interface: It takes you only seconds to figure out how to use the site. Right at the center of the homepage is the search box, where you can type in the title of interest. If you prefer taking a look at what 9Anime has to offer, use the site’s menu bar or view the full site for more suggestions.

– Mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported: Streaming anime on your smartphone is as smooth as doing it on your laptop or desktop. You can watch your favorite anime on the go with your phone and later cast it to your smart TV when you are comfy at home.

– Zero ads: Thanks to the ad-free feature, your streaming on 9Anime will be risk-free and hassle-free. There will be no risks from viruses and malware or no interruptions from ads, pop-ups, or commercials.

– No account or registration needed: Users are not required to make an account or register to have full access to the site’s content library and features. All you need to do is to visit 9Anime, look for your anime of choice, watch it as long as you want, and leave as you please.

– Best customer service: There are only a few free anime sites that truly care about their customer satisfaction, and 9Anime is one of them. The 9Anime team is at our service 24/7 to help us with any issues happening during our streaming.

With these features, 9Anime is no doubt the best site for free anime streaming. You can check it out via the link https://9anime.vc/ to see if it suits your needs. If you like what the site offers, don’t forget to support them by sharing it with your fellow anime lovers. With our support, they will be more motivated to improve for the better.

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