Free Site to Watch Free Anime Online with No Ads (2021)

Thanks to Shonen anime such as Naruto and Bleach, anime has become a global sensation in recent years. With an increase in demand, more and more free streaming sites come into the picture. New sites are launched on a daily basis, but fortunately, not all of them are good.

For a safe and enjoyable streaming experience, it is really important to find a reliable site to watch anime online for free. After comparisons, we have found you the best free anime streaming site with no ads. And that title belongs to

What is is a new free anime streaming site that allows us to watch and download up to thousands of anime shows, including the latest releases, in ultra HD quality. The site boasts seamless streaming capabilities, fast updates, great device compatibility, and excellent customer service. What sets it apart from many well-known anime sites we are familiar with is its ad-free feature. So far, is the only site we know that lets us have access to its full content library in 1080p quality with zero ads.

Is Safe?

Safety is normally our biggest concern while looking for a free anime streaming site. There are thousands of sites that claim to be safe, but only a few of them won’t put our device and identity at risk. You should always be aware of sites that are filled with malicious ads because they might give you headaches in the form of viruses and malware. But as is completely ad-free, you can put that worry at rest. In addition, as no registration or account is required, you don’t need to share any of your private information, which obviously helps to keep you safe on the Internet.

Sites like

We haven’t come across any site that provides us the features owns at no cost. There are sites that let you watch anime online for free in HD quality but they all are ad-supported. Gogoanime, 9anime, AnimeDao are a few to name. Even freemium sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation don’t let us watch their content (which is already limited) without ads unless we register for membership. Therefore, is currently the only ad-free site offering premium quality that we are aware of.

Why Is Zoro Named The Best Site to Watch Anime Online with No Ads? is the new kid on the block, which works as a blessing in disguise. There are thousands of free anime streaming sites on the market already so it takes extremely hard work to be one of the best. But can do it, as long as they do it right. The Zoro team has learned from other sites’ mistakes to create such an excellent site that provides us a perfect streaming experience. Below are the site’s features that will answer the question of why we name Zoro the best site to watch free anime online with no ads.

  1. No Ads and Popups

No one is fond of ads and popups. They not only put our device and identity at risk but also interrupt our watching experience. Unfortunately, most streaming sites are ad-supported (unless you go for paid tiers) as ads and popups might be their only source of income. But your device, your identity, your bank account, and your streaming experience are all saved at Zoro as ads are simply nonexistent on the site.

  1. Safety

The Internet can be a risky place. You might click on an unwanted ad and the next thing you know, your device is filled with viruses and malware. Or even in the worst case, money keeps being withdrawn from your bank account. But you can rest assured it won’t happen at the site. The site doesn’t have any ads or require you to sign up or reveal any private information. It is not exaggerating to say is one of the safest streaming sites you can find on the Internet.

  1. Content Library

It boasts a huge collection of subbed and dubbed anime shows from all genres such as action, drama, kids, fantasy, horror, mystery, police, romance, school, comedy, adventure, music, game, and many more. No matter what title you are looking for, be it mainstream or trending, you are highly likely to find it at.

  1. User Interface

A complicated user interface is a huge turnoff as not everyone can afford to spend half an hour trying to figure out how a site works. But with, it takes you less than a minute to navigate through the site. In the center of the homepage is its search box that allows you to type in your title of interest in Japanese or English. The horizontal navigation bar makes it easier for us to search for Movies, TV Series, Most Popular, and Top Airing. If you prefer looking for more suggestions, click on “View Full Site”.

  1. Streaming Experience

Thanks to its seamless streaming feature, our watching experience is completely hassle-free. Your streaming will be as smooth as butter without lagging or buffering as long as your Internet connection is stable and strong enough. In addition, as the site is ad-free, your watching won’t be interrupted by any annoying ads and popups. Your anime journey will start within seconds after you click on “Watch now”.

  1. Resolution

It is one of a few sites that let us stream their content in 1080p for free. Normally we are required to go for paid tiers if we wish to watch anime online in such high resolution. provides the best quality possible, however, for a seamless streaming experience, your Internet connection matters too. You can go as low as 360p if your connection is weak and get back to 720p, or even 1080p when the situation gets better.

  1. Updates

We never run out of what to watch on The latest episodes, newest releases, as well as requested titles, are updated on a daily basis. If you don’t want to miss what’s new on the site, come check the homepage every single day or create an account to get all the notifications.

  1. Registration or Account

Streaming at is completely commitment-free. You basically don’t have to do anything to be able to access the site’s full content library. No signup or registration is required at all. All you need is the Internet, and of course, a device to watch that can be Internet-enabled. If you want to be most updated, you can also make an account. So far, we have only heard good things about the site’s safety.

  1. Customer Service

Customer service is one of Zoro’s biggest strengths. Although we are not so demanding when it comes to free anime streaming, we appreciate sites that are willing to listen to us to improve their quality. We should give credit to the Zoro team as they are working hard to provide us with the best site possible. The team is on active mode 24/7 to fix broken links, update requested titles, and respond to our inquiries. They even encourage us to interact with them on Discord, Telegram, and several other platforms.

With all the listed features, we hope you understand why we have so much hope for Zoro’s success. The site is still new but we are positive that it will soon be on every anime lover’s lips. Don’t forget to share it with your friends to support the hard-working team behind this amazing site.

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