10 Best iOS Apps For Football Fans

Want to watch the latest match of football? Or, want to catch on some latest news related to the major league? Well, one’s busy schedule and lifestyle can come in the way of one’s enjoying sports. So, how to solve this issue, as one may not have enough time every day to catch up on the latest scores.

The answer to this dilemma is the sports apps or traditionally checking livescore on Buaksib. Yes, today, one can find a plethora of sports apps for their iOS devices. These apps are a great way to watch events, catch on latest sports news, and interact with people interested in football.

Here are some of the most popular and trusted apps that one can download on their devices:-


One can catch up on every detail regarding the football game. The app provides personalized details and news on national teams and clubs. One can select the favorites and get news regarding them through push notifications easily.

Bleacher Report

Many must have heard of the bleacher report website, and now this is the app version. This app is the best place for those who like to keep track of everything and anything related to their favorite team or player. One can get exhaustive amounts of news curated from various sources in one place.

All Football

This app is designed for football lovers. One can get every little detail about the recent games and events of football. The app allows one to track the latest scores, fixtures, news, highlights of the games.


For those who like to follow semi-professional leagues and local teams, this app is the best place. The app allows football fans to track the latest updates, fixtures, upcoming games, and commentary live.

TLS Soccer

Many people do not like bling in their apps and prefer straightforward skeleton apps that provide ample information. TLS soccer app is one such app, which is not pretty but has all the football-related data one might want. It is a perfect stats tackler with the news.

Goal Live Score

This is the app version of goal.com. One gets everything in this single app is designed for those looking for fresh off the oven gossip about leagues and transfers. And, also provides live scoreboards and head-on-head analysis.

Forza Football

Forza Football is no doubt a fancy application that looks great and delivers great as well. The app provides full-on news regarding the latest matches and leagues. Moreover, one can choose which team to follow and get personalized news on them as well.


This app is the best benchmark app for those looking to get all around the globe news and updates on football games. The app is slick and allows users to find what they want pretty easily. From scores to stats to news, one can get everything under this one app.

Premier League

For the fans of the English premier league, this app is the one. This apps covers almost every update regarding EPL in the app. Fans can catch up with new developments, fixtures, scores, and other information on this app.

Stat Zone

For those fans who like to watch football games and then overanalyze the entire match; this is the app for them. One can get every detail of the matches like every shot, every goal, every pass on this app.

Football is a ritual for many sports fans out there. And these mobile applications only make things more hassle-free for these fans. But if you live in a country where access to the App Store is limited or restricted here’s a VPN list that can help.

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