Best Photo-Editing Apps For Android and iOS

Best Photo-Editing Apps For Android and iOS are required by the photographers who want to click the special moments with their handy gadgets when they are not having their cameras around. It is an equally good choice for those who want to start clicking the photographs and are in the early stages of their hobby.

Photography has become a great experience for those who have bought the latest smartphones. These new cell phones are added with amazing features that can help capture the best moments without any hassle. These latest gadgets offer better resolution, sharp images, and worth praising optic quality. With all these features if the user gets access to any of the Best Photo-Editing Apps For Android and iOS the results can be further impressive.

Once the hand behind the lens acquires the best photo editing phone apps the work becomes even easier. Instead of moving the photographs to another device, he can handle them on the phone where he has actually captured them. These apps can be downloaded from the respective play stores on the mobile. Thus, in the end, the work becomes really easy to handle.

If you want to use your smartphone whether Android or iPhone for clicking the best photographs then here we have gathered the essential details of the apps that can really help.

Top Photo-Editing Apps for Smartphones

If you are in search of some best photo editing apps then here is what you need to know. The list includes the top ranking photo editing apps that can be really helpful in improving the quality of your clicks.


If you want to click, edit, and then share the photos then getting VSCO can be the solution to all your queries and concerns. It comes with a 3 in 1 camera and a specialized iPhone photo app. With the social sharing option, it becomes easier to create a social link with the ones who you want to be a part of your photography experience. Unlike other social platforms like Instagram, this app has a group of professional photographers working together.

The popular features of this app include

  • An advanced camera that can capture manually.
  • Adjustable focus and exposure
  • Triple flash modes
  • Balanced composition with grid lines
  • 10 presets and manual adjustment tools
  • Old photo effects can be added to the clicks.
  • Easy to add contrast, saturation, sharpening, contrast, and clarity.

2. InstaSize

If you want to have the best photo editing app phone then Instasize would not disappoint you. The multiple features added in one whole would come as a surprise for those who are disappointed with the rest. It is a great option for both Android and iPhone users. Whether you want to use filters, resize, add borders and frames, retouch, or edit the text it has all the features that you cannot ignore. It is even easier to navigate that finally results in amazing edits that are just a click.

The top features associated with the same include:

  • More than 100 tools to adjust and improve the features.
  • Resize the clicks for stories and banners with instant cropping.
  • A unique and advanced tool for brightness, sharpness, and contrast.
  • Retouch the photographs with whitening tools, blemish removal, skin glow improvement, and similar.
  • Get the border packs for customizing the edits.
  • 20 different fonts for editing the texts.
  • If you are not happy with the background get it replaced with the stunning background locations.

3. Google Snapseed

Snapseed is a popular professional best photo editing app phone that comes from the home of Google. The final result is not much different from the results of Photoshop. Editing the RAW photographs was not an easy job to handle earlier as it is now. The opportunity to click the RAW pictures is also there in case of the smartphones. Hence, to improve the quality of these an app is required and that job is well done by Google Snapseed. It misses some essential features that were there in photoshop but still the results are quite impressive.

The key features included in the app are

  • Make the photographs life-like with the healing brush, HDR, and the perspective.
  • It works impressively with both the android and the smartphones.
  • It offers 29 filters and filters that can help any photographer. These filters target tuning, face posing, double exposure, and glamour glow.

4. Adobe Lightroom for Mobile

If you are interested in using the best photo-editing apps for android and iOS then Adobe Lightroom can be the real assistance. It is possible to edit and organize the pictures the way you want. Even if you have several images to handle this app can be really helpful. The built-in camera in the app helps in getting the RAW photograph which can assist in creating a great final impression by adjusting the exposure and the aperture. Edit the picture with a single click and use the available filters. The premium version of the app is far better than the free version that has more features to use for improving the photograph quality.

The astounding features added by the creators include:

  • The user can choose from among several editing tools to assist the photographer.
  • The correction tools range from too simple to the advanced ones.
  • The photographs can be shared with several social media platforms by using Lightroom.
  • It has both free and in-app purchase features for editing.

5. Pixlr

The photographs can be added with diverse effects, filters, and overlays if you have Pixlr to work with. In this way, the user can share visually impressive photographs with the circles they want. It comes with four different kinds of web apps and the HTML5 applications to load in the browser. It is free of cost app but still has remarkable features that are not less than any paid or premium application. All the features compete well with the expensive application.

Here are the popular features of Pixlr:

  • It is easy to learn and convenient to handle.
  • The user can access Photoshop SD if you have bought the Pixlr pro.
  • It saves the image in two different formats being PNG and JPG.
  • It can be used as the task manager extension for Google chrome.
  • For better usage, it is necessary to get in-app purchases.

Final words

Clicking photographs means you are saving the memories. The task is now easier as almost all the phones are offering high-resolution cameras to click the best. To further enhance the impression of the pictures there are apps to update and improve the overall look. We have added some of the best apps that you can use with confidence for improving the quality of the photographs either clicked with the camera or with the mobile.

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