Best Music Player Apps for Android

As we all know that Android Smart phones come with a default music player app, but there is always an option for going for another in this age where everything is available at hand. People turn to other alternatives mainly due to the reason that the default app might not have the features that might make a music player better.

Android’s flexibility makes it very efficient in supporting multitude of music players available on the mobile platforms. If you are bored of the traditional features of Google play music, you can always choose to go for another.

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So for better customization and improved sound controls, you can go for the following options:

  1. Musicolet:

Musicolet - Tech Strange

It is a music player with a great user interface that has an organized set of options and easy access to albums, playlists, artists, and folders that you can make on your own. With the help of this app, you can control the play of your songs using your earphone. With one press of the button on your earphone you can stop the song. With two presses, you can go for the next song and with three presses you can play the previous song. Also you can fast forward the song by pressing four or more times. It claims to be the only music player for Android that can support multiple playing queues.

It has an equalizer, lyrics support, tag editor, sleep timer, widgets and more.

  1. Poweramp:

Poweramp - Tech Strange

It is a feature filled Music player App that is available free for a 15- day trial. It has various features that attract a lot of user and makes it one of the best pick among the Android users. It includes support for a wide variety of audio formats, a 10- band graphic equalizer, support for lyrics, .cue files and many other playlist formats.

It also has tag editor, fast library searching, home and lock screen widgets and numerous other visual and setting customization.

  1. Black Player:

Black Player - Tech Strange

It is a slick minimalist app with a fine user interface with a decent number of features making it quite popular. It has got swipe controls that let you easily navigate the various library options. Vertical swaps take you to the next or previous song. It includes a 5 band equalizer. It has features like bass booster, virtualizer, gap less playback and cross-fade on devices that support it. It also comes with three widgets which are an ID3 tag editor, and support for FLAC and embedded lyrics.

  1. Phonograph:

Phonograph - Tech Strange

This music player has a very nest user interface that entices many Android users. Its design and layout is without any question an outstanding one. It changes its color configuration according to the design f the cover of the song that is being played. The player is also rich in many features.

It also automatically downloads the covers of the songs which are unavailable. You can also edit the tags such as titles, artist for single songs or whole albums. The whole library is well organized. It is categorized into songs, albums, artists, and playlists. Browsing through folders is also available.

It has additional features like lock screen controls, gap less playback, and a sleep timer. The app also offers in-app purchases.

  1. Pi Music player:

Pi Music Player - Tech Strange

The Music player offers the features that are preferable by the users. It has four different themes. Before launching it will ask you for the theme which you want the player to set up. It features an excellent looking interface that gives easy guidance to the new users. You can play the songs from any of its library views. It has a 5- band equalizer that lets you hear music with the desired effects like Bass Boost, 3D Reverb effects, virtualizer and ten amazing presets. It has a Pi Power Share feature which lets you share tracks, albums, genres or multiple playlists and that too with anyone in the world. It is indeed a great asset for all the music lovers.

  1. Pulsar Music Player:

Pulsar Music Player - Tech Strange

It is a free music player app which is a light weight and does not take up much of the space on your phone. It is an ad- free app where you are exposed to numerous features. It has an amazing user interface with animation that makes it all the more attractive. You can also on your own customize the interface with different color configuration. The library view can be sorted by artist, genre albums and so on.

It also offers features like gap less playback, Chrome-cast support, home- screen widget, built- in tag editor, a 5- band equalizer, scrobbling and more.

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  1. N7 Music player:

N7 Music Player - Tech Strange

This Music player has an impressive user interface. It has the feature to zoom in or zoom out to view any music files that the player houses. With the graphical improvements, the searching process for a song becomes easier as the view can be changed whenever required. It comes with an advanced 10 band equalizer where you can customize your music and playlist by your own choice.

It has other features like gap less playback, bass boost and sound virtualization effects, tag editor, themes, sleep timer, widgets and much more.

There is a free version available for trial for 14 days. You can definitely pay for the app and buy it from Google Play Store and enjoy the music that you wish to.

There are many such other Music Player Apps. But the ones mentioned above are worth trying to get a different and better music listening experience.

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