Six Common Computer Mistakes Which Everyone Do

In today’s era computers or laptops have become a common matter. Nowadays almost everyone has a computer or laptop.  However, we often make small mistakes with our computer that make an impact on our computer. These computer mistakes are usually unknown, which we should not do at all. Today we will discuss these mistakes that we have to do with our computer. Now the question is, what are the mistakes we make on our computer? Guys read this full article to know those computer mistakes which is done by us mistakenly.

computer mistakes

List of Six common computer mistakes which everyone does-

Download crack software:

Most people in India use the Windows operating system. Often we use some software for free to download their crack version from various websites. The crack version of any software should not be used at all. If you have any important data on your computer or you do a very important job, it is not ok to download crack software on your computer. This type of crack software installs many kinds of complex programs that control your computer under hacker. Then hackers can easily steal or destroy any data from your computer. Besides, many of us make online shopping or online transcription by computer. The use of such crack software can result in the loss of our credit card, debit card, or bank’s information, which will be the cause of our loss. So always stay away from crack software. Always use the original software.

Do not have enough space on the computer’s C drive:

Many of us do not have much memory for C Drive when partitioning to install Windows.  I myself saw many people make this mistake. We think we will just keep program files in C drive. So there is no need to keep so many spaces. However, after making this mistake, you will be able to fill your C drive after a few days of using the computer. This means you have to install Windows again.

Download any file from a third-party website:

When we search Google to download some files on the Internet, Google shows some list of our websites and we do download the file from any website from the list. But here we want to say that, if you want to download a file, always download the file from the official website. Especially any application or software. The reason is that there is a possibility of the virus coming to the computer by downloading any file from this third-party website. So always download files from the official or original website.

Open any link or URL:

This kind of error can prove to be a serious mistake. This error is usually done by beginners because they still have in the learning period. When we are searching for something on the internet and visit any site, lots of time this website redirected us to a new site. In this site, we can see there is a warning message for us, like “ your computer is virus affected, Virus on your computer”. Here you are told to download a software that allows you to free your computer. If you download the software then you make a serious mistake. Because it is a programming virus which has been downloaded by you to hack your computer.

Keep a computer’s webcam on bedside:

Keep in mind that your computer’s web camera will not keep the bed straight.  Because if your computer is hacked or someone installs a spy software on your computer, then it can easily disturb you by recording your personal moment. You can also blackmail by him. Here if you do not use the computer’s web camera, then you can close it through black tape.

 Do not save the file to the desktop:

There are many of us who can save any important file on the desktop. But it should not be done at all. Always save to any Drive. If your operating system is corrupted for any reason, you will lose your important files. And you have to install a new operating system. So always keep the important file in a drive. This will keep your file safe.

So these were some small computer mistakes and we all have done these mistakes on our computer. Hope you are like this post.  Do not forget to let us know in the comment box below.

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