10+ Best Places in Dubai for Couples to Visit

Dubai is generally known for the adventurous places and the scenic beauty but it is one perfect destination for couples as well. For all those who are in love, this place has a lot to offer. Here you can visit the breathtaking waves, astonishing skylines, and satisfy your taste buds with authentic delicacies. Several deserts can also be visited with the love of your life. Whether you crave a romantic walk, a night under the clear sky, or just tickling your taste buds with mind-blowing cuisine, Dubai has everything to offer. So, read below and find out 10+ best romantic places in Dubai for couples. If you are planning a trip with your loved one, make sure to add these places to your list.

  • Pierchic, Madinat Jumeirah

When it comes to romantic spots, Pierchic is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places for a date night. It has something in its ambiance that brings the hidden lover out from you. The place is also known for serving the best seafood and for having a quite spectacular view. You will enjoy the blissful music along with the fantastic location sitting beside the love of your life. It will make you fall in love all over again. So, if you are looking for some places to go with your better half, this place should be on your list.

  • Villa Beach

Who does not like the ambiance at a beach and what could be more romantic than having a romantic candlelight dinner with your loved one? Villa Beach is all about a romantic meal with your loved one. You get to have a great view as you sit opposite to Burj-al-Arab. The villa beach will give you a positive vibe while your feet will be soaked in the cold sand. Additionally, you get an amazing and mouth-watering meal and a great service indeed. Your date night will be just perfect with both the views of the sea and the hotel.

  • The Eauzone, The Royal Mirage

It is one of the most famous restaurants in Dubai for casual dining but the beauty will take your breath away. Apart from the couples, several people like office goers, students, and more come to this place to have lunch. However, it becomes a perfect spot for couples as soon as the sun sets in. Offering delicious cuisine with Asian Twist, The Eauzone is becoming everyone’s favorite.

  • Fish Beah Taverna

If you are a fan of movies then this place is ideal for you. The beach is right in front of you and the famous Dubai skyline is behind you, you can have your date night just like this. You can either have your date in the garden, at the beach, or you can sit in one of their bean bags. Watch the sunset with the love of your life sipping coffee while sitting in the bean bags. It will be a dream come true for a date night.

  • Water Park

Who does not like the idea of spending the day surrounded by water? But the beaches will have already overwhelmed you and there are chances that you would not want to visit them again. So, the water park is the perfect place for you to spend time with your better half. Aquaventure and Wild Wadi are two perfect spots for couples. Both are themed parks and offer endless fun as you will enjoy so many amazing slides. If an adrenaline rush is something you want to experience, then visit Dubai’s water park and enjoy the thrill in its purest form. Also, you can book top-rated hotels at a budget that fits your budget at booking.com, use discount voucher to get the best deal online.

  • Overnight Dubai Safari

Imagine this; bonfire, the clear night sky, and the love of your life all in one sitting. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? You can experience all of it at Overnight Dubai Safari. This place is an attraction for several tourists and even locals. Here you can enjoy traditional entertainment such as belly dancing, tanoura dancing, tattoo application, and more. If this isn’t enough for you, you can also enjoy activities like dune bashing, sand skiing, camel riding, quad biking, and more. So, add this place to your list before you book your tickets.

  • Romantic Moments in a Hot Air Balloon

As adventurous as it sounds, sitting in a hot air balloon, enjoying the view, and making memories with the one you are in love with. If you choose to do this, you will experience something different. You will be up in the sky, holding hands, and talking. You will also get to see the gorgeous sunrises and the desert, especially at the golden hours. Certain tour operators even provide breakfast for couples while they are enjoying the view of standing beside someone they love.

  • A Limo Kind of Date

Dubai is also known for offering limousines and other various luxury cars for several occasions including prom nights, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. So, you can choose a limo and include it for your date night. The car is luxurious yet comfortable and adds style to your date. The pricing is affordable and so anyone who wishes to make their date night a big hit can rent it without any issues. They also offer essential services such as the availability of a professional chef, a variety of snacks, access to in-car entertainment, and more.

  • Miracle Garden

No wonder garden dates have their charm and if you grew up watching Bollywood movies then you would know that. It is acclaimed for being the world’s most extensive garden with around a million natural flowers. Get your camera, grab the hand of your loved one and click some pictures that you are going to remember for the rest of your life.

  • Dinner Date on Board

If you cannot make up your mind for anything else, you can always choose the good old romantic dinner on a boat. Choose traditional Arabic Dhows in Dubai Creek to sail for a couple of hours, have an amazing meal with your choice of drinks on a sailing boat. This experience is going to stay even after you have reached your home. So, book your dinner date as soon as you reach Dubai.

  • A Romantic Walk

Last but not the least, a romantic walk is one of the most beautiful things in any relationship. A walk where you forget the world around you even exists. So, for your perfect date, you can take your loved one walking Downtown where you can see Dubai is completely different lights. The place is packed with a dozen of cafes, a glorious skyline, and bistros and restaurants in every street. This place will give you a different, calm vibe away from the chaos of the world. Just make sure you have your camera with you.

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