3 Best Student Gadgets to Stay Relevant in 2021

There is no doubt that digitogy and electronic devices are students’ best friends today. Technologies help to work more efficiently on papers, take notes on classes, use the Internet, and even monitor health. For students, gadgets need to be mobile, moderately productive, and, of course, inexpensive. I decided to write this article because the main problem as a college student was that I did not have the right technologies for my studies. As a result, I was less productive and had to ask to write my essays service to avoid plagiarism. So, in this article, I chose electronic devices that are worth paying attention to young people receiving higher education. Please, enjoy it.

ASUS VivoBook Max X541UV Notebook

ASUS VivoBook Max X541UV Notebook

As for me, the main advantage of this laptop is the best performance parameters for its price category. The processor model will depend on the particular assembly, but it will definitely be the sixth or seventh-generation Core i3 or Core i5. The discrete graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 920MX allows you not only to comfortably write an essay fast but also to launch almost all online games.

The screen is, unfortunately, with a matrix TN + Film. A model with an IPS matrix and the same hardware will cost more. The weak point of the system is the built-in HDD. Since the equipment is budgetary, an additional slot for the hard drive is not provided. Ideally, a basic HDD should be replaced with an SSD. In this way, you can solve most of the performance problems or you can take help from techguru.

The sound of the laptop is relatively good due to SonicMaster technology. There are only two USB ports: USB 2.0 and 3.0. This should be considered for those who plan to connect additional peripherals.

In other words, the ASUS VivoBook Max X541UV is a laptop just for the student. The device is good because of its hardware. But if it is important for you that the system works at its full potential, it will require qualified tuning and upgrade of the hard drive.

Smartwatch Amazfit Bip

Smartwatch Amazfit Bip

These smartwatches from the USA are interesting since, in addition to time measurements, they are able to track the physical activity of the owner. With them, it’s much easier to control the effectiveness of diets, jogging, and any other sports training. It is not surprising that such a technique is always in demand among students.

Amazfit Bip watches appeared on the market in 2017 and has already become a kind of classic. For two years, this model got rid of the shortcomings of early firmware and acquired a huge number of compatible add-ons and applications.

The main reason for the popularity of this watch is its practicality at a cheap price. Amazfit Bip lasts up to 30 days on a single charge, while all other models hold a charge from two to seven days. So, you do not have to charge it every day. The case is perfectly protected from water and dust. And the device is complemented by a GPS system.

With this watch, you can control the quality of sleep. And it saves data on running, walking, cycling, and other workouts. Also, it shows messages about incoming calls, SMS, and when someone is writing in instant messengers. Its weight is only 32 grams. And there are different styles of this watch, so you can choose something depending on your personality, So, you can easily order it right now.

WACOM One Medium Graphics Tablet

WACOM One Medium Graphics Tablet

Using a graphics tablet, you can transfer images and drawings created by hand to a computer. This is an irreplaceable thing for someone who studies in the art specialties, professionally engaged in retouching, or even just enjoys drawing. And you do not have to pay much for this device as well.

During operation, it seems as if a pencil is sliding on rough paper. It is comfortable to draw, but the feathers and surface wear out faster. To prevent it, you can use a matte protective film for tablets. The quality of your drawings will not be affected.

This device includes a stylus, a USB cable, and tweezers to replace the pens. Also, a stylus-free battery creates no need to buy batteries all the time. The pen supports over 2000 levels of pressure. The stylus can be stored on the side of the tablet on a special loop.

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