6 Best Tools to Convert PDF to Text You Can’t-Miss

Extracting the text from a PDF is easier than ever before.  You no longer need to copy-paste text from all types of media from a PDF. Today, we will share a few platforms where you can convert PDF to text to retrieve all the text material from that file.

All these platforms are tested and deliver excellent results. This list includes a mix of free and paid tools that let you extract text from a PDF. All you need to do is read about them and find out which one suits your requirements the most.

Let’s start with the editor’s choice for the best how to convert pdf to qr code.


CocoDoc is one of the most advanced PDF editors that work without any application. It is a web-based tool where you can create, edit, or convert any PDF within a few seconds. The platform is a perfect fit to convert PDF into Docx files because it has an exclusive tool for the job.


All you need to do is upload the file on its PDF to the text converter tool and it will take care of the rest. The best part is that the platform is completely free to use for the first 14 days of your subscription plan.

Even if you do not want to register for an account, you can still use it 2 times directly. Thus, it is the most preferred application to extract text from a PDF.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat is the ultimate solution to manage and edit all your files. It is not limited to PDFs as you can do every type of editing with the tool. The platform offers a single tap solution to extract texts from a PDF online. It is a paid tool and you will need to pay for the complete subscription plan to access this tool.

We placed it on the second spot because buying the expensive subscription plan for a single-use might not be your choice. However, if you regularly need these types of solutions, you should go for this one.


PDF WIZ is a powerful PDF editor and converter that will change how you work with PDF documents. This all-in-one PDF tool enables you to convert, edit, merge and compress any documents. With its simple yet powerful document editing tools, you can easily edit your PDF files. Besides, PDF WIZ also allows you to merge documents, insert pages from one file to another file, and so much more. It also supports adding comments to the document, making your document more secure and handy.
PDF WIZ is a world-class PDF creator, so you don’t have to worry about losing your created documents. You can quickly email the documents, fax, or print them with just a few simple clicks. Additionally, PDF WIZ allows you to print documents instantly and save them as PDF files for later use.


PDF element is another choice to edit your PDF to extract text from it. This tool has an excellent record when it comes to extracting images or text from a PDF. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for beginners who need to convert PDF into a Docx file.

It is important to know that converting a PDF into a docx will remove all other types of content and will only leave the text on the file. Thus, consider this thing before converting your file with the tool.

Also, you may lose the formatting of your file in the process.


As the name suggests, PDF Paid is a premium tool that requires you to subscribe to its membership to access advanced features. However, the application is quite effective and will help you with all types of editing and converting your PDFs.

If you need a PDF editor on a regular basis, PDFPaid is worth considering. It is because the application is designed for individuals who want to edit some PDFs on the go.


We love ExtractPDF for extracting texts from a file because it has some exclusive tools to help you do it. You won’t need to do anything as the tool will take the process into its hands after you upload the file. Click the Extract button from the tool and it will create a docx file for you to download.

The solution is quite reliable as you can install its web application on your Windows device and use it without connecting to the internet.


Last but not least- PDFArea is a PDF editor tool that lets you play with your files however you want. The application is quite useful in tasks like extracting images or text from a PDF. Thus, you can try out this application to do things the smart way.

Final Words

Extracting some text from a PDF requires an effective solution. The above 6 tools are helpful in such situations. With tools like CocoDoc and Adobe Acrobat, you can easily convert your PDF into a docx file.

We recommend you consider your requirements such as how frequently you need a PDF editor, budget, required features, etc.

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