Best Ways to Organize Your Fleet

The organization is always difficult for any company, and it is even more challenging for a business fleet. There are a ton of moving parts when it comes to communication and organization, as drivers are scattered throughout the region making deliveries during the day.

Not only that, fleet managers need to make sure drivers are obeying the rules of the road, not wasting gas, and getting shipments delivered on time. Add it all up and it is easy to see why there can be organizational issues among professional fleets.

Luckily, there are products and practices that help businesses organize their fleet and increase fleet efficiency. If you feel your fleet feels chaotic at times, consider these organizational tools:

GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking allows you to know the location of your fleet vehicles in real-time. The vehicles have GPS tracking devices installed in them, which transmit their location data to the home office dashboard or smartphone app.

This technology also monitors fuel usage so fleet managers have up-to-date information at all times. A lot of services have features designed to increase fleet efficiency, such as engine diagnostics tracking, route progress updates, and estimated arrival times.

Fleet tracking is also a great way to limit theft affecting your business and can reduce insurance premiums since you have constant proof of its location.

With more information on vehicle and driver whereabouts, fleet managers would have better insight on completed deliveries and a better overall grasp of exactly how their fleet operates on a day-to-day basis. It can also help drivers reduce gas-wasting driving behaviors, which will increase fleet efficiency and save the company money.

Pre-trip Inspection Software

Pre-trip inspections are critical for any company with a fleet of vehicles, but using paper forms for this task lets a lot of information slip through the cracks.

Paper forms can be tough to keep track of, sometimes don’t have legible writing, and are often turned in late. On top of all that, the paper forms frequently get lost, and drivers sometimes don’t even fill them out to begin with.

As you can imagine, that makes fleet organization very difficult.

Pre-trip inspection software is the best way to solve this problem. Instead of manually writing down each vehicle issue, drivers instead go through a quick checklist on their phone that immediately goes to the back office so managers know which vehicles have serious defects. Many services can also be configured to record supporting documents, send messages, and sign off on repairs.

Effectively using pre-trip inspection software makes sure damaged vehicles get fixed early so the damage does not get worse, and that will increase fleet efficiency because more vehicles will be available.

Two-Way Radio

Two-way radios are a quick and efficient communication method for fleet managers and drivers. Also known as walkie-talkies, these radios are especially useful for fleets working within a fixed range.

The two main benefits of two-way radio are that it doesn’t require internet or cellular service so it can work pretty much anywhere, and it allows managers to quickly speak with drivers.

Walkie-talkies are a simple fleet organization tool as well because they are easy to use and many can be installed in vehicles.

Dash Cams

Dash cameras are helpful for fleets as well. The cameras are put on the windshield and record the front view of the vehicle. This is great because it allows managers and drivers to look back at footage to see if there were any driver errors.

By having a better knowledge of how your drivers act on the road, managers can coach drivers out of bad habits and assign drivers to more appropriate routes. Over time, this driver monitoring should lead to fewer accidents among your crew, which means less time and resources going to fixing these problems instead of improving fleet operations and organization.

Clearly Communicate Responsibilities

Clearly communicating with your crew is more of a figurative organizational tool than a physical one, but it is just as essential for fleet management.

It’s important for any business fleet to have clear and obvious assignments for drivers. Please communicate with the fleet each morning about who is going where and answer drivers’ questions so there is no confusion later on in their shift. The less thinking they have to do on the job, the better.

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