Boost WordPress SEO With The Help Of Backlinks

WordPress opens so many opportunities for every blogger, expert, and business owner. The websites built on their basis are great and aid the development of online commerce as well. With proper promotion, you can get to the top of the focus SERP, getting all the attention and appreciation from your target audience.

But how to promote properly? We always recommend incorporating link building into your strategy.

But how to do it? What links to build? How to create a strong portfolio for free? What is links management and how to do it?

We know all the info. So, this article is a compilation of answers about inbound links every WordPress website builder wants to know in 2021.

What Backlinks Should I Build?

There are different types, and the best ones are:

  • Editorial.
    References you get from other sites because of your content. These are the best on any portfolio. Make sure you have content that is linkable and useful for other sites in your niche.
  • Social media.
    Create social media accounts and promote your content there as well. Including a link in the bio will also count as an inbound. This is a great kind because you can improve your profile without any outside help.
  • Badges.
    Earn badges from other sites for being informative, fast, etc. These badges and rewards will be posted on the sources that give them out with links to your site.
  • Guest posting.
    Using guest posting platforms to publish articles with a mention of you as an author and a link to your WordPress blog is a perfect way to level your portfolio up a little. It also aids brand awareness, which is great for conversions and overall popularity.
  • Substitutions.
    Substituting broken links or unlinked mentions with your URLs is a great way to add several credible references to the list without much effort.

All types that aren’t spammy or from low-quality sites are very much welcome. You can check to find out more about dofollow backlinks and how to get them.

Plugins: Yes or No?

For easy SEO, you can install a plugin that offers additional metrics. This is very convenient when you want the most detailed analysis to fix small mistakes and achieve the best rating.

As to links, such plugins will help you track the number of clicks.

How to Create Backlinks for My Website?

WordPress backlinks are valuable and not difficult to build if you know-how:

  • Write worthy content – high-quality articles are great sources for links from reputable websites in your niche;
  • Write guest posts – we’ve been through it. Guest posts will make you seen, recognized, and add a link into your pocket;
  • Create linkable media – infographics, stats, graphs, video tutorials will lead to inbound link increase from all the sites that will use the content.
  • Set alarms for references without links – every alarm is an opportunity to get new inbound from a reputable source!
  • Build broken links – whenever you notice a broken link that can be substituted with yours, don’t hesitate to contact the owner of the site.

SEO backlinks for WordPress are essential, and you should definitely use all the methods above to build them!

What If I Have No Improvement For A Long Time?

If you get backlinks for the website, write great content but have no improvements in ratings, it’s time for analysis. You can do it yourself or hire a specialist that will look into your SEO, including the backlink profile.

Maybe your site got to a spammy source where it was posted 50,000 times. It’s easy to disavow such a domain instead of mentioning fifty thousand links, but first of all, you need to be aware of this situation.

So, analyzing your practices is the best thing to do if you do everything specialists say and get no result.

Link Purchase: Yes or No?

It depends. If you’re talking about bundle getting of links from websites you don’t even know about, the no, a solid no.

But if you’re talking about a link-building service that will look for relevant, high-quality websites to post your links on in guest posts, then why not? Some even can provide the posts for you with mentions already built-in!

Link-Building May Be a Tricky Process

This is true. You should consider so many things before offering a website to cooperate. Plus, you still need amazing content to make sure the good links appear without your manipulations.

The growth should be gradual. Otherwise, Google will realize you own a suspicious source. Why does it get popularity so rapidly? This isn’t normal. A thousand other factors should be included.

So, it’s great to have a team of specialists by your side who can analyze your profile and add credible inbounds to it for a better reputation of your site!

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