Why Do Adults Learn? A Few Facts About Business Education

Abraham Lincoln, who succeeded in overcoming human slavery through his political career, said: “I do not know a man who would not be smarter today than he was yesterday.” And this is a really good prerequisite that learning is not an exciting adventure at once. It is never too late to learn. Is it possible to build a successful business without the knowledge and experience that business education provides today?

“The most important thing in business is to focus on creating something important. I was just working on what I wanted to use myself.” – Mark Zuckerberg. This thought quite strongly points to the idea that both young and adult students should focus on what they need, and not what they’re told to learn. Even if this means reading articles like EssayWriter Review to find platforms to free up time for more impactful activities.

 1. From History

The first business school was opened in 1819 in France, and only in 1881 – in the United States. Today there are more than 13,700 business schools in the world, where 200-250 thousand specialists graduate annually. The leaders of the business world are the United States, France, and the United Kingdom, and the best business school in Europe is considered to be the IMD Institute in Lausanne.

According to the ranking of world MBA programs (Master of Business Administration), which is published annually by the Financial Times, in the top five were: Harvard Business School (Harvard Business School), London (London Business School), Wharton: University of Pennsylvania: Wharton), Stanford Graduate School of Business and French INSEAD

Today, Polish universities are also strengthening their positions in the global business education market. The Leon Kozminsky Private Academy has been officially recognized as the best business school in all of Central and Eastern Europe.

The criterion for assessing the quality of education is the salary of graduates. In the first 3-6 months after graduating from business school, it usually increases by 30-40%. Another important criterion is career growth and the desire of employers to hire a graduate from a good business school.

“Knowledge is the main tool of management”, – Bill Gates

2. Success – On The Side Of The Educated

After the implementation of business ideas, the creation of products that will “jump” in the market, the task is to make the business systemic. And here business education plays an important role.

In general, business schools, in addition to providing new knowledge, in the best way help to structure already acquired. It is not just about retraining, but a full-fledged postgraduate education. Returning to the world of business after training, which is gaining momentum, business school graduates go with a deep understanding of how to build company management.

There is a lot of competition in the field of management, so it is extremely difficult for a self-taught manager to succeed. The training allows you to work in groups, analyze complex business cases, work on consulting projects, discussing events and global trends in business. In addition to teamwork, participants develop leadership skills.

Foreign specialists and trainers with international experience are involved in business education curricula. Graduates of the world’s business school programs who have received an MBA agree that the training gives the following results:

  1. Full range of specialized knowledge.
  2. The idea of the interaction of different elements of the business.
  3. Business and friendly contacts (network).

“Start small. If things go well, build a big position,” once said, George Soros.

3. Who Can Become A Business School Student?

Businessman, manager, top manager, middle manager, a specialist with three years of experience with a bachelor’s degree, know English, and usually passed the GMAT test (characterizes the student’s ability to study MBA programs).

Business school programs are aimed at individuals who are ready for change, who are interested in new ideas, and work with interest on their implementation in their business projects.

Over the last ten years, business education around the world has been developing quite dynamically. Business-oriented people show ambition, learn to defend their interests and conceptual approaches to doing business. For example, every year more than 200,000 students participate in MBA programs worldwide, and their number is constantly growing.

Interest in business education encourages companies to send employees for training or to order corporate management development programs for the team.

Everybody Is Trying To Expand Their Qualifications

With the growing number of managers who are willing to invest in their development and professional development, the demand for business schools is growing. And the reason is not only indecent and high salaries but in the desire to gain the most valuable – knowledge. Moreover, many of such students oftentimes even delegate their boring tasks to services like Topstudywriter.com to have more time to learn new concepts and internalize them.

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