How to Buy Coins on ArcheAge Unchained?

If you want a complete and thorough experience of the globally acclaimed game ArchAge, you need to connect with ArcheAge: Unchained. It has made things easy to acquire, especially for those who want to dwell in the vast world of ArcheAge.

If you have not acquired the powerful premium content, then be ready to get an equal playing field for a player regardless of his style. Depending on the individual options, there are limited options for the power and the progression.

What are Diligence Coins?

The coins are required to buy what you like. Diligence Coins are like real-life money that helps you in getting the essentials for any life activity. The diligence coins are needed to get the items referred to as the cosmetic items that help you make the game more interesting. These cosmetic items fall under the popular categories like pets, gliders and even housing to make things work well.

Once you have filled your pocket with the Diligence Coins, it becomes possible to acquire some fun items like Labor recharges, Tempering charms, Expansion Scrolls, Labor Restorers, Serendipity Stone Shards, boosts, pets, or farm kits. All these items are available for those who have diligent coins. There is no other mode of acquiring things easily.

The Archeage Unchained Diligence Coins is a currency that can only be used in the game besides the Cheap AAU gold. As mentioned earlier, the purpose of this gaming currency is to enjoy the game to the fullest. If you are a big fan of the Archeage Unchained and don’t want to miss any of the cosmetic items just because you don’t know how to get the coins, this article is specially written to help a gaming freak like you. It will include all the essential information that will make buying easy.


The ArchePass is at the heart of  ArcheAge: Unchained. It is known for being the only way of acquiring Diligence Coins that will let you acquire Mounts, Pets, Gliders, and other gaming items.

The gamers need to understand that anyone can get the free track of the pass with all the progression and power items. Once you have acquired these, it becomes easy to move ahead in the game. The coins are needed to get Labor potions or infusions. The tracks further help in getting the most wanted ‘Diligence Coins’.

ArchePass Diligence Coins were put to an end for some time. They were deleted, but considering the user demand, the developers took a great decision of bringing back the Diligence Coins, at least for some temporary period. It includes 45 Diligence Coins and 7 Labor Rechargers. It is a claimable pack and will be there for a limited period. This short term availability is due to certain problems reported regarding the eligible accounts not receiving the items or the multiple claims of the things. Once you have claimed it for the first time, you cannot do so again.

The Four Passes

There are four passes that any gamer can use to acquire the coins on the ArcheAge Unchained.


  • Basic pass requires yearly refreshing. 
  • Quarterly pass that needs to be renewed after three months.
  • Equipment pass
  • Vocation pass


Each of these passes has its requirements, and you can use only a single pass at a time. As you move to the other pass, you can unlock its missions and move ahead.

There are three different kinds of missions available. After completing a single mission, you get access to the active pass. As the number of passes increases in the tier, it becomes possible to get the rewards in the free track. The premium track of rewards can be unlocked for only 1500 Credits on a per-pass basis in case of the quarterly passes. You can also get  1 or 2 Diligence Coins. There is an option of enjoying 12 missions per week. All these missions can be further shared across all the passes. In a single day, the gamer is allotted six mission change attempts.

Seasonal Pass

It is another option also known for being the Premium track. It is possible to get it only through purchase. Twenty levels come along with this Pass. Each level helps you get the rewards that further grants the permission to reach out for them. If you want to reach these levels, you have to complete some assigned tasks like ePass XP and Diligence Coins!

What Can You Enjoy With Archeage Unchained?


It refers to the currency for which you need real money. This currency helps the gamer to benefit from the premium tracks of the ArchePasses or cosmetic-related items. If you have a credit card, you can buy cosmetic furniture for your houses, Glider or Costume images, and User Created Content items.

Land & Labor

There is no designated subscription model. Everyone can get the land. It is an amazing challenge to fight for the land.

The Labor system also is for everyone. The regeneration levels are set at 5000. It is very important to take care of the Labor efforts and use the Diligence Coins expenses to balance them. This helps in competing with the enemies and moving ahead.

Multi Account And Multi Client

There are three accounts per user as set under the Korean limitations.

Multi-client has a restricted client level. It is not possible to run more than one client at once.


The main content and the updates related to ArcheAge: Unchained are the same as most of the Free-to-Play servers up to Patch 6.0. Some regular updates and patches is the same as both game versions. Once you have paid a one-time access fee for DLC, you can easily get all the significant content updates to the game.

Loyal Allies To Fight Your Enemies

It is not hard to hit the hearts of the rival castles. Once you stand victorious, it becomes really easy to capture them. Create friendly groups by gathering friends. You can easily form big groups or guilds. You can face hundreds of players that are active in the open-world battlefields.

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